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  1. I was hoping not to have to buy another product....any other suggestions with what I have applied? I wasn't expecting the Trim Restorer to fade on touch.
  2. I used the Trim Restorer two weeks and for the most part it looks amazing. My question is, on the part that was on my door/window trim on my driver side, I use my finger on the molding to close the door. I do that as to not to touch the pain. Well that one small spot is already becoming dull and much less darker that the rest of the molding. Any suggestions on how to maintain that without it looking "less dull"?
  3. Agree 100%. For now I will protect as the scratches I can only see if I use my LED swirl light, and even with that it's very difficult to see. I mean I really need to get at some weird angle to see them. Appreciate your help and time in responding.
  4. Hi Beemer...appreciate the explanation. I've spent countless hours going over videos on Adam's products, and some other main brands. I agree that terminology is different, and you are right that the Adam's product line just makes sense. It's why I am converting a part of my products to Adam's. From the reviews and research I've done, definitely going to use these products going forward, except for the "polish". ?
  5. Pretty bold statement for sure. Nothing lasts a lifetime. But hey, if you keep re-applying it, now that might be a different story.
  6. Help me on the polish part? The polish I am using does offer protection. Each coat applied lays on thicker. As my earlier post said, "... whenever I had any body work done on my past vehicles, due to small fender benders, the body shops always questioned after they completed the job as to what I had on the paint. When I told them what I used, they typically responded as "ah, no wonder". " Some may say it's a marketing scam, or snake oil, but I have used this stuff for 20+ years. It provides a layer of protection like nothing I've used before. I didn't want to argue that piece. If anything, it was more about was it worth to paint correct for a few scratches. I may just need to experiment with Adam's Paint Sealant, Buttery Wax, or Brilliant Glaze to see if it hides or fills in some of the micro scratches. Or just keep using the same LG since it's non-abrasive and claims to not harm the clear coat.
  7. AND there it is!! "The Holy Grail" of car polish. Hahaha. You have any idea how hard it is now to get this stuff? I do believe it's safe for me to use other products in conjunction with this, and why I've turned to Adam's products for that. I'm already using the Car Wash Shampoo, Waterless Wash (although I've never used a Waterless Wash and absolutely petrified), ECO APC, Wheel Cleaner, Interior Detailer, and Super VRT.
  8. And that was the purpose of my post....is it worth it for me to chase that 10-20% perfection, when in the normal sunlight they are not visible. I think you may have answered it. My OCD tendency to be 100% perfect may need to wait until I start seeing these scratches in the normal daylight. When another one-step correction makes sense for the entire vehicle. Should I use Brilliant Glaze to do some of the "filling" as a short time solution?
  9. Hi Shane....yes this does help, a lot. In terms of eye clean, I don't rely on natural sunlight to view the possible imperfections, although on most vehicles, that natural sunlight is enough to show swirl marks, haze, buffing circles, etc,. I do have a handheld LED light that I use to view my Durango. It's pretty cool to see the difference in the paint of what my Durango looked like before the paint correction was done, to now. I'm almost compulsive about it now too, and literally shining that LED on the whole vehicle, one panel at a time just to catch that one new scratch. Which is what I eluded to in my original post, that there are some small scratches that were either left over from the past correction or just new ones from daily use of the truck. You can't see them unless the light hits them right, or I shine the LED at the right angle. Oh, and I forgot to mention, my Durango is BLACK! Hahahaha........
  10. I'm going to try and combine your two responses into this post..... 1) If I was to do anything it would definitely be for the Spring time. It's just too cold outside for me to do any type of work on the Durango outside of a quick rinse. Even that's sketchy as I don't want my driveway to freeze over. For that quick rinse, I literally wait for a day that's it's in the high 30's or low 40's to do a quick maintenance rinse or wash. 2) It's a daily driver, but I'm telling you I treat it like a garage queen. As the detailer that did my paint correction said, it's by FAR the cleanest daily driver he's seen. 3) In the detailing world, I don't have a "protective layer". HOWEVER, I do use an old school "polish" called Liquid Glass. I've used this product for over 20 years. It seems for all the polishes, waxes, etc. that I've used over the years, I find myself coming back to this stuff. I don't think the it works like today's traditional polishes, as is it does add a protective coat. The more coats, the more protection it provides. What it doesn't do is "fill" in the scratches. I may give that Brilliant Glaze a shot to see what it does to those small micro scratches. 4) The polish, as I stated in #3, is extremely easy to apply and remove. Especially with the orbital polisher. It takes me all but 15 - 20 mins to do the whole Durango. I do it monthly (or maybe every 5-6 weeks) because I'm extremely OCD. Might explain why it's an extremely clean daily driver. I'm not doing anything to beat it up, I just like a spotless vehicle. But more so of my OCD about it. I do understand that most polishes are abrasive, and can remove the clear coat each time, but I know Liquid Glass is not made like that, but more as a protective layer. What's funny about it, is that whenever I had any body work done on my past vehicles, due to small fender benders, the body shops always questioned after they completed the job as to what I had on the paint. When I told them what I used, they typically responded as "ah, no wonder". 5) See my #3......... In terms of overall experience, I won't admit to being a professional, as I've only worked on my personal vehicles, including my wife's cars. But I do have any eye for that perfected look. That's not just under normal daylight sun. When I wash my Durango, I'm consistently pulling out my swirl finder light to make sure what I just wiped down didn't scratch anything, or left any micro marring. I know my neighbors think I'm nuts!! When I park my Durango in the grocery parking lot, I ALWAYS park it under those huge lights, and I will walk around it a few times to see if there any additional scratches I've added. What's funny is, the Durango had tons of imperfections on it which I personally tried to correct with my DA and M101 Compound, with different types of pads. I got it as good as I could before handing it over to a professional to finish it off with a minor one-step correction. Oh, and I forgot to mention, my Durango is BLACK! Hahahaha........
  11. I now have this on my "to buy" list with some other Adam's products. I'm going to test this on certain spots of the truck for my own sanity. I know everyone is saying it won't cause scratches on my paint, but for my own sanity in trying to make my paint correction last as long as possible, the test spots will help me cope with my OCD. Haha......thanks for everyone's input.
  12. Hi Folks! I had my 2014 Dodge Durango R/T paint corrected back in October. So 3.5 months later the truck still looks amazing. I would say it has random light micro scratches across the truck, but you really have to shine a LED light at the right angle to see them. I keep trying to find more, but then realize howincredible the finish looks. This truck is my daily driver, and I follow all the suggested washing techniques to minimize scratching and marring. To say I'm obsessed is an understatement. Having said all that, is it worth trying to correct the small scratches left from the last correction? If it is, how, and using what products? I do have a 5.5" DA polisher, and 10" Orbital polisher that I use to apply polish once a month. If it is not worth it, then what do I use to either continue maintaining or mask the small scratches?
  13. With a few of those pics, you have a great reflection, and if there were scratches and swirls, it would show in that pic. I'm getting very tempted to buy this and give it try on my corrected paint job.
  14. That looksamazing. Curious, if you shine a LED light, are there any micro marred scratches? I've had a one step paint correction done on my Durango RT and I am petrified of using a rinseless or waterless wash.
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