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  1. I would call or email Adam's and ask them what they would use for your wheels. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you could order the 2 products you want. Honestly, I typically order from Adam's directly because one, I think I get the freshest product that way. 2, they almost always have a sale, which covers the cost of shipping 3, they have the best customer service. Keep your gallon of APC. Plenty of uses for it on a car or even the household. Works wonders on cleaning my stove. Yes, the brilliant glaze isn't a last step product. Now if you were at a show, you could use it for that topper of gloss. Adam's Glass Sealant works well. Doesn't keep your window clean, but makes it way easier to clean, and at higher speeds, the water really does fly off well. I did not like the Tire Armor. Your tire has to be super, super clean. When it starts to wear off, it flakes. You can't get it off by normal means. They actually have a tire armor cleaner, if you call and request it, to get the damn stuff off your tire. VRT is popular, works well, is more of satin/matte finish and is water based. Tire Shine will last longer, and gives lots of shine. Wipe down the tire with Waterless Wash on a microfiber to get the dust off. I completely understand about OCD, or CDO (OCD spelled alphabetically)
  2. I found the video that Adam did. Incidentally, I saw a video where they do apply it to the outside. So maybe I'm wrong.
  3. I think the APC would cause spotting. I'm only assuming, since I never had powder coated wheels. And I think I read on here somewhere not to use APC. 2) As long as you can. Or use bug and tar remover. That may "cut" quicker than the Waterless. 6) Completely understand, but the shampoo will do the same thing, since you already got alot off with the first foam rinse. 10) outside, it won't last at all. Doubt it would last a day. Inside, it actually helps keep your window from fogging and keeps it clean. You can clean the inside with just a microfiber after you have applied the Brilliant Glaze. Here's a video about it: There's another one that Adam Pitale did specifically on putting Brilliant Glaze on the inside, but I can't find it. 12) Yea, it'll sling even if you rub it in. There's even a caution on the Tire Shine spray bottle. You could drive the car home and put it on then. The Tire Armor takes like 15 minutes I think, to "cure". The VRT would be fine, but it's not as shiny as the Tire Shine.
  4. Wow. That's some thoughtful thinking. My input would be: 1) I don't know if I'd use APC on powder coated wheels, even diluted. I think the eco wheel cleaner is safe though, but I'd check on that 2) Let the Waterless wash soak in for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing that off. 6) I don't think a second coat is necessary if your going to a 2 bucket wash. Put some Adam's car shampoo in one bucket and the other plain water. Or you can use the Mega Foam in the Wash bucket. 10) Don't apply Brilliant Glaze on the outside of your windows. Put it on the inside of your window. 12) Make sure the tire/wheel are completely dry before applying the Tire Shine. And wait 2 hours before driving the vehicle or you'll get sling. Everything else seems great to me! Have fun
  5. My preference for my weekly maintenance wash: 1) Wash/clean tires/wheels 2) Rinse off car/truck with pressure washer (40 degree nozzle) 3) Use foam cannon to spray down car/truck. Let sit for 4 or 5minutes. Don't let the soap dry on the vehicle. 4) Rinse off vehicle. 5) Proceed with 2 bucket wash. One bucket for shampoo, one for rinsing mitt. 6) Dry off vehicle with microfiber drying towel. Sometimes use a drying aid, sometimes not. 7) Dry off tires and nooks & crannies with a leaf blower. 😎 Microfiber towel any leftover wet spots.
  6. Just signed up and wanted to say hi to all the Forum members. Eric
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