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  1. What is the best way to clean my buttery wax and Patriot wax appilcators?
  2. We have 3 or 4 Chevy 2500HDs, Got a Camry, GMC Terrain and a Mustang to take care of. Got a service truck and a few 10 wheeler grain trucks that I can't keep clean 😂
  3. Hello all! I'm just a farmer from North Carolina that tries to take care of my own vehicles, my families vehicles and our farm trucks, as well as our machinery. I've built up a nice collection of Adams products from mostly mystery items.
  4. Alright cool, I've heard of people doing it before but wasn't sure what it did. Will it hurt if I get some BG on my tint strip?
  5. I currently have brilliant glaze, buttery wax, Patriot wax, h20 guard and gloss, wash and wax, paint sealant and spray wax. Which products should I be using together and in what order?
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