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  1. Holder

    Wicked Wagon

    Rig shot for the wagon +
  2. CTS-V is getting a good interior cleaning, paint correction and engine bay detail.
  3. Holder

    Wicked Wagon

    Being irresponsible in my wagon.
  4. V10 Audi R8 in for some polishing and protection. For now it's been washed, wheels cleaned and protected, engine bay cleaned, carbon fiber polished and protected and rear bumper polished.
  5. Porsche GT3 will receive a full on new car prep.
  6. Holder

    Wicked Wagon

    Father's Day Car Show at the Zoo with our little car group In Wichita and some shots I took out cruising with my son.
  7. BMW M235i polished and sealed with Adams Liquid Paint Sealant. Topped with Brilliant Glaze and Americana Past Wax.
  8. Holder

    Wicked Wagon

    These will spend some time together for awhile.
  9. Holder

    Wicked Wagon

    A little trip to OKC Coffee and Cars then back to Wichita for a good cleaning. Had a lot of fun with a few other V's.
  10. Holder

    Wicked Wagon

    Thank you. I'll have it out at the track next Friday.
  11. Awesome. Nice Cobra. Feel free to give me a call anytime if you need products or help with anything. I detail on the side and keep most Adams products in stock. 316-708-8188
  12. Corvette ZR1 Polished and Protected. It's been 2 years since I last polished this car. The owner keeps amazing care of this beast. It recently returned from Lingenfelter for power upgrades.
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