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  1. It's just the regular "High Efficiency" Tide. Never seemed to have any problems with the other microfibers that get washed with any type of residue, but with the glass it could perhaps be more apparent when it exists, not sure. I'm going to give the glass cleaner a try again on a cooler day with the blue towels, so at least I can be comparing apples to apples with the stoner's.
  2. With the Glass towels, they're usually not that dirty since I give the car a good cleaning before I do windows, so it's usually just a shot or two of the microfiber conditioner spray and into the wash. They are mixed with the other microfibers though, so not sure if that could make a difference. Just add a little bit of tide to the wash. If there are towels that are really soiled (like towels I use on the rims) I keep them in a separate load. One thing I just thought of, when I did the windows using the stoner's, I was using the Blue glass microfiber I got in my latest batch from adams. Up until that point, I used the green glass towels from adams. Never had any luck with the green ones, but using the blue one with stoner's was perfect. Any difference in the blue versus green towels?
  3. Thanks guys, it's just got to be my technique, conditions, or something if so many people are having such good luck with the product. I'm at a disadvantage where I don't have a garage to keep the glass cool so especially during the summer it's a warm windshield. I've done everything exact to what's on the videos and the ones that are posted here so I'm guessing I've just got to play with it to see what works and what doesn't
  4. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I haven't tried cleaning the windows with all purpose. I did clay it with glass cleaner. One thing I'm wondering is that this latest time with the stoners was a cooler day and maybe on warmer days (70+) it bakes on fast? No idea but I have the hardest time. I would say my supply is no more than maybe 5 months old?
  5. Hey guys, been a big fan of the adam's products, but there's one I feel like I'm about to give up on, especially after my latest test. I've been having so many problems with streaks and using the Glass cleaner with the glass microfiber. For some reason, I just cannot get my windshield streak free. I've tried claying with glass cleaner, using light mists with glass microfiber, medium mists, heavy mists, etc. w and w/o glass sealant, and just can't seem to get it streak free. I really thought at this point that it's my method of cleaning and how I use the microfiber that is causing the issue, but then I tried some Stoner's Invisible glass with one of the adam's glass microfibers and it came out absolutely perfect. So now I'm sitting here with a ton of glass cleaner and thinking it's a product issue. Have you guys had issues getting glass cleaner streak free? Is there a trick that I'm missing here? Any advice you guys might have would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I know the feeling. This week will be a month since I made my somewhat large order, and I'm still waiting. Been contacting Ben in customer service a couple times already just to make sure the order was still alive and was assured it was going to get processed. My tracking number has been in status "Initiated" for 3 weeks now. I have no idea if this is even going to show up and I'm worried about making another purchase now. Tried to be patient since they've had all this going on but now I feel like this stuff is never going to come
  7. As I smack myself in the face thinking of myself attempting to get that damn foam block into that tiny little places. Such a simple thing that I didn't think of grabbing for this task
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