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  1. woodygoodman

    Shipping issue

    I had a shipping issue, but called on Saturday and it will be handled. Thanks again Chandler
  2. woodygoodman

    Flashing time of Ceramic Wheel coating

    Thanks for your advice. I am gonna give them a few days before putting any water on them. I may have applied the coating too liberally, as I ended up using the entire bottle up on the 4 wheels, calipers, and rotor necks. I will be doing the paint over Memorial weekend and now have a little experience at this process. "Merica!"
  3. woodygoodman

    Flashing time of Ceramic Wheel coating

    I did see that in the video Adam mentions it will be a little tacky, if you cannot see the rainbow effect, and as I mentioned above, I did not notice any sticky or tacky feel to the surface treated. Ok, since my comments above didn't seem to get this across, let's spell it out simply: 1.) Printed instructions shown both online and in attachment sent with product stating time of "15 - 30 seconds". 2.) They also both stress clearly NOT to allow it to dry. 3.) Mention that it will be a little tacky has to be weighed up with that fact that at 30 seconds time, I am at the top end of the instructed wait time, and makes one start to wonder how much longer to wait and risk it drying. 4.) if 30 seconds is not sufficient time, it should never be listed as the top end of the flashing time. 5.) If the actual suggested time stated verbally in a video is "20 seconds to 1 minute"", this opens up the top end of the range to twice as much expected wait time. 6.) More and more here, I get the sinking feeling that I may have to redo this process on my wheels and double the instructed wait time.
  4. woodygoodman

    Flashing time of Ceramic Wheel coating

    Both the website product instructions and the paper directions sent with the kits say to wait from "15 - 30 seconds", and stress that you should not allow product to dry on the application surface, however I just re watched Adams demonstration video where he says to wait from "20 seconds to a minute". These are very different ranges, the later of which can amount to twice or three times as long as the printed instruction times. I gotta say I am concerned here as I did not notice any real "sticky" to the touch results either. If this stuff doesn't work I am going to be very disappointed with this brand. I guess now I can only hope in 1 hand & xxxx in the other. I will be applying the ceramic paint to the entire car over Memorial Day weekend and hope to have this important detail ironed out before then.
  5. woodygoodman

    Flashing time of Ceramic Wheel coating

    So how can I be sure the application was done correctly and completely? How do i gauge the success or failure of my work?
  6. woodygoodman

    Flashing time of Ceramic Wheel coating

    I have followed directions to the letter and waited 15 - 30 seconds after completing each small 1 foot area at a time, but through the process I never did see any rainbow, or oil slick look. I am concerned and want to be sure that I did not wipe down with the microfiber too soon after ceramic coating application. Is there any better information I can get for the flash times expected for a 75 - 80 degree day? Thanks in advance
  7. I bought the Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating Kit, then also bought just the Adam's Ceramic Wheel Coating 50ml Bottle (not the entire kit) along with an additional applicator pad. I am guessing I will be able to use the same prep and boost from my ceramic paint kit when I do the wheels, but wanted to be sure they are the same prep and boost for both applications. Can you tell me one way or the other if this will be good?