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  1. Sorry I can not remember it. I know my old email address that is about it that applied to my account.
  2. Been a long time. Nice to see your still here!!
  3. I appreciate all the feed back. I will check into Tampa and Auto Dermatology. Highly Appreciate the Feedback.
  4. I use to be on this forum a lot. Lost my login information. Started a new account. Does anyone know of a detailing person or company that you would recommend in the Lakeland Florida area? I have a newer Chevy Suburban I might need some polishing done on. Need to clear the paint of swirls. This is not a set in stone deal, just looking in case I need one. I know from the past alot of great folks on here and info. I have stopped a lot of the detailing I have done due to work obligations. But I still love the products and advice with Adams. Thanks
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