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  1. Looks like they’ll just need some touch up paint and touch up clear, normally you can find those at a local auto body or auto paint shop, just make sure you snag the paint code so you can get the right color mix.
  2. Good to know I’m still learning a lot not new to detail but newish to hard exterior coatings so I appreciate the answer
  3. From people I’ve talked to about clay baring ceramiced cars it seems to pull the coating off with the clear and even base coats sometimes, not I don’t know if this is true but I don’t want to try it due to possible damage
  4. Looking forward to using these forums for all my random detail thoughts and questions, and hopefully help others out. Also thank you for making such outstanding products! the ceramics are my favorite!
  5. Well the car is coated and the owner just didn't seem to take care of the car after they had it done or contact me with questions regarding ceramic care.
  6. Currently running into an issue with a ceramic not coming out the way that I had planned after a few months of not seeing the car it cam back to me with a haze and pretty heavy water spots all over the vehicle. I boosted the vehicle once I got it and that removed the haze from the vehicle, but there is still quite a bit of water spots around the entire vehicle that I can't seem to rub off with boost. Is the only way to remove water spots by removing the coating if possible or is there a way that using a high PH soap will be able to get rid of those spots? any answers will be greatly appreciated, and any advice will also be greatly appreciated.
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