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  1. Has anyone tried the new barrel vacuum yet? I'm curious about how it performs and if the attachments are adequate for getting in all the nooks and crannies. Im thinking about ditching my old armor-all 2 gallon vacuum. Adam's is slowly taking over my entire detailing arsenal lol. BR
  2. Wow that F150 looks great Ray. I really want to do the ceramic coating on my rogue, but that will be my spring project I think. Hoping for the ceramic kit and the ceramic trim kit for Christmas maybe. Lots of black plastic on these crossover SUVs. For now I just want some winter protection so I'm going to use the sealant. BR
  3. Are the gallon size Adam's products intended to be diluted with distilled water or anything? I'm really liking the Tire and Rubber cleaner and also the Wheel cleaner but MAN do those 16 oz bottles go fast. I'm only getting about 3 washes per bottle when I use the product liberally on my wheels. Just curious if getting the gallon is worth it for a couple of the products. BR
  4. So I used the brilliant glaze on the inside of my windshield, front side windows, and rear window. Also on the outside of my windshield. All I can say is WOOOOOOOW! I dont think I've ever seen such a clean window. My window had alot of grimey streaks and runs on it from the tint shop. Whatever they used as a lubricant for the tint made a mess of my windshield where it dripped down and ran down the window. I haven't been able to get that off with anything. Glass cleaner, vinegar, alcohol, etc. The brilliant glaze either took it off, or covered it up really well lol. I'll know for sure if it's gone on the first cold morning when the windows are fogged. That's when I can see that haze the best. Hopefully its gone! BR
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to polish this weekend, but I did get to wash and clean the car. Maybe next weekend wont be so busy. BR
  6. Hey guys, So my Rogue is a 2019 that I bought with only 25 miles on it. Within the first week of having it, I had already applied a synthetic paste wax. I've washed it once a week ever since. I'm gearing up to do Adam's Paint Sealant and HGG. My paint is practically brand new, with nearly no defects. There are some VERY light scratches, if you can even call it a scratch. Looks almost like a strand of spider silk laying on top of the paint here and there. In some cases, that's exactly what it was lol. Anyways, there's no swirl Mark's, no major scratches, nothing like that. I dont wash in circle patterns and the only thing that ever touches the paint on my car is microfiber. My question is which polishing product should I use to prep the paint after strip washing and claying the surfaces? It's nowhere near needing the heavy correcting compound and a blue pad. Would using finishing polish be enough for these ultra light Mark's or should I still try to use correcting polish? If i do use correcting polish, is it necessary to go back over it with finishing polish? BR
  7. I'm very interested in using BG on my windshield and other windows but need to know if it's safe for tint, both factory and aftermarket. I've got a nasty haze that wont come off with glass cleaner from where they tinted my visor strip and the soap they used got on the windshield. BR
  8. That is a good article, and I've read it before but have been reading so much I'm getting things mixed up. So sealant-glaze-wax. But where does H20 fall in line here? BR
  9. Hi guys, figured I'd made my way over here to gain some knowledge on some of the new products I've received from Adam's. I have a black nissan rogue that I'd like to get some protection on. My long term goal is of course to ceramic coat the vehicle, but that will be early next year. Currently, I have Adam's paint sealant, H2O Guard and Gloss, buttery wax, brilliant glaze, and spray wax. I figured out through reading that I should put the sealant down first, but where should I go from there? I've read so much about the benefits of the H2O that I definitely want to incorporate that into the regimen, but where does it fall in line with the glaze, buttery wax, and spray wax? I'm looking for depth, pop, and water beading. I think the H20 and glaze will get me there, but not sure of the order in which to apply those. I've used the spray wax as a drying aid with success, but apparently the H20 should be used the same way. Before I seal the car for the winter, I will be going over it with strip wash, clay, followed by the 15mm swirl killer and swirl killer mini, and correcting polish, followed by finishing polish. Lots of products to use, and I want the benefits from all of them, but not sure which direction to go after the sealant. In the past before I found Adam's, I would clay, polish, use meguiars ultimate synthetic paste wax, followed by mothers brazillian carnauba, and maintain with mothers spray wax. Looking to leave those products behind and use exclusivelyAdam's. Also, regarding brilliant glaze on inside windows, is it safe for aftermarket and factory tint? I've searched and only found a couple of mentions of tint with BG, but the people that asked never got their question answered. BR
  10. Haha dont think I figured much out. I ended up having to part ways with the mustang in trade for the rogue since I needed a more family friendly ride. I do miss the mustang dearly, but after seeing my newborn son smile at me it kind of made it all worth it. I will have another mustang one day, perhaps one that him and I can work on and build together. BR
  11. Sure if i can figure out how to post on here. This was the first week i got the car, and it was waxed with Meguiars Ultimate Paste wax. I hadn't discovered Adam's yet or i would certainly have used something from their product line. The car needs wheels. I'm not a fan of stock. Since purchase I've installed factory fog lights, weathertech window visors, and hardwired my mirror mounted radar detector. I cant leave anything alone lol. I traded my heavily modded 2007 Mustang GT for the rogue. With two teenagers and a baby on the way at the time, I just couldnt keep the mustang. It was also kept very clean and waxed. BR
  12. Hello guys! Thought I would sign up here to mingle with like-minded detailing obsessed folks like myself. I'm from Tennessee, and recently purchased a brand new Nissan Rogue that is Magnetic pearl black. I chose black because I love the way it looks, completely understanding the upkeep it requires to keep it looking amazing. I've always liked keeping a clean car, and have just recently been turned on to Adam's Polishes products. I started with tire shine and mega foam, and since have amassed quite a collection in just a brief period of time. The last sale I received a mystery box, a mystery detail cart, and a mystery trunk organizer. I look forward to chatting with folks and learning as much as I can about Adam's products. BR
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