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Apparently, there's not much I can't do!



So I left off in November, 2014 with something that would eventually lead me to this forum. The transmission in my 2000 Silverado kicked the bucket. I had 3 options; pay someone to fix it, fix it myself, or get a new truck. I am very much a DIYer and I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to working on cars. So I figured I can get all the info I need online for rebuilding my transmission.


I found a guy on YouTube that goes step by step rebuilding a 4L60E. I bought a rebuild kit and started taking the truck apart. It took me 2 weeks just to get the exhaust bolts off the manifolds, LOL! Once they gave up, it only took 3 days to remove the transfer case and finally the transmission. While watching his tear down video I followed his every step. Pausing and starting the video until I had it completely apart. "This is a piece of cake" I thought to myself. And it really was. The way he broke everything down into sections it made it so much easier. I thought it was going to be a hot mess of parts but it was like a big 3D puzzle!


So I found what broke (input carrier gear support bearing, in case you wanted to know ;)) and once the replacement came in I was able to start the rebuild. While I was waiting for the parts I was able to clean everything and get it organized so when it was time to start rebuilding that was all I had to do. Same process as before, but in reverse. Section by section, pausing and starting. Assembly lube and ATF all over. I would say all in all it took about 2 weeks to get it rebuilt. This included the parts store selling me the wrong torque converter and replacing the spark plugs and oil pressure sending unit. It was also Christmas time so my time in the shop was limited (not to mention cold).


Transmission installed, transfer case installed, exhaust installed, add ATF, turn the key and pray, LOL! No issues so far! I let it warm up and added the rest of the fluid (12qts total), and took it for a test drive. I was able to back out of the driveway, drove it down the side street in front of my house. 1st gear good. 2nd gear great. 3rd gear.... 3rd gear??? It was like there was no other gears. It wasn't slipping, it wasn't revving, it just wouldn't shift from 2nd to 3rd.


I took it back out and checked everything. I couldn't find anything wrong! I adjusted the 3-4 clutch pack and double checked all the clearances. Rebuilt the valve body and made sure I had all the check balls in the right places. Put everything back in and..... Same thing. I was heart-broken.


It was February by this time and REALLY cold. I was done. There was a guy at work that offered to buy it as is and I told him to come get it. He took it to a shop and they said I had the output shaft in too tight. Where the snap ring holds it in place is where the new part I had to order was. I guess it needed to be modified to work for my transmission. Oh well. I gave it all I had and I was only about $600 in. A rebuilt unit was $1600 and to get a shop to fix it would have been twice that. The truck was paid for and I had a back up vehicle so it wasn't hurting for it to sit while I tried to fix it. The guy that bought it said the mechanic told him that it looked like I knew what I was doing and that it was just a stroke of bad luck about the hang-up. That made me feel a lot better.


So my wife said "it's ok, you can go truck shopping now). I bought my "new" truck and I wanted to make it shine! I found another guy on YouTube by the name of The Junkman. I know he no longer has ties with Adam's Forums, but he mentions this forum in a few of his videos. And that is how I got here! I may have a hodge-podge of detailing products, but I knew Adam's was the place to be. The people here are awesome! And I have never seen a company that has their fingers on the pulse of the customer the way Adam's does. It is truly amazing!

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i have a funny story how i found my detailing obsession, to make a long story short,  in my teenage years one night driving home late i side-swiped a brand new dodge ram. I was too scared to knock on the house's door (since, i have learned i made a bad decision lol) at 4 am so I came back early the next morning to find the owner already outside inspecting his truck. I explained to him what happened, and gave him my insurance info, lucky for me he was surprisingly calm about the whole deal and the law never got involved. what sparked my detailing interest though was a bottle of meg's detail spray and a stack of mf towels he had on his tailgate when i came back the next day. 
when i got home from exchanging information, one google search led to many, many more and the next thing i knew i was obsessed. 4 years later i own my own detailing company lol!


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