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  1. Hey guys, I'm running out of Spray Wax and wanted to see if there's any benefit of switching over to Graphene Detail Spray. I usually do Optiseal once or twice a year HGG every four to six weeks Spray Wax as drying aid for every wash I really like Spray Wax after it's done, but it usually wears off pretty quickly. I'm guessing because of the carnuba. Would the graphene detail spray last longer? I love the shine and slickness of the Spray Wax. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I tried out Wheel & Tire Cleaner for the first time this weekend and I noticed the bottle spray nozzle only squirts out focused streams on either setting. I thought I might have a faulty nozzle, so I removed it and sprayed water with it to test it out. It worked fine with water and I was able to get both the wider spray and the focused stream. I'm guessing the viscosity/consistency of WTC makes the Adam's bottle nozzle do this? I don't think I need as much product as the nozzle is currently spitting out. Has anybody else noticed this?
  3. Thanks everybody! It sounds like I'll keep Opti-Seal and maybe top with HGG.
  4. Hey there, I just got my first Adam’s product this week and I’m thoroughly impressed: Eco APC! I love the smell and it’s perfect for what I do. I’m running out of most of my current products and will be replacing with 16oz Adams bottles first and gallons later. I have most of equivalent products in line, but there are a few I need help with. More info below: Black suv. I do a rinseless wash every 1-2 weeks and a full wash every 4-6 weeks, depending on rain/mud/etc. Optimum No Rinse = Rinseless Wash (Also dilute to clay lube)
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