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  1. I’ve seen how well brilliant glaze cuts off gas film and dirt on the inside of the windshield but is it safe to use the brilliant glaze on a tinted window or windshield?
  2. What is the best tape to use for taping off trim when preparing to polish?
  3. I will be graphene coating my truck in a couple weeks. For the clay bar process, can I use waterless wash as the clay lube? Will it leave any kind of protection behind that won’t be removed by the coating prep that might effect the coating? I just got a bottle of the waterless wash in a mystery bucket and I really don’t have any other use for it. I would use it as a drying aid, but I already have a gallon of ceramic waterless that I’m trying to use up before I switch to graphene detail spray as my primary drying aid
  4. Should the microfiber towels that are used to buff off the graphene spray coating be thrown away like the towels used on the regular coating or are they fine to use after washing them?
  5. I will be graphene coating my truck but I have a gallon of ceramic waterless wash that I use as a drying aid. Once the truck is graphene Coated, can I continue to use the ceramic waterless until I use it all up or should I just switch directly to the new graphene detail spray?
  6. I will be picking up a brand new truck that I ordered and will be polishing and graphene coating it. I have seen that you should wait 30-60 days to coat fresh paint, with this truck being right off the factory line, the paint will barely be 30 days old. Should I wait to polish and coat or should I be fine as soon as I take delivery?
  7. With graphene now available and suggested to be applied to windows as well as all other exterior surfaces, for windows, especially the windshield, which would be the best product to use? Graphene coating or glass sealant?
  8. Thank you guys for the responses. That answers my question
  9. When applying ceramic coating with the micro suede applicator, when should I rotate the sides of the applicator and how long can I use it before it will start to crystallize and risk scratching?
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