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  1. Could I also use the wash and wax over the liquid ceramic wax?
  2. I am going to be using paint sealant on my fifth wheel camper, so I am wondering if Wash and Wax would work with the paint sealant? Since it is such a big area to clean, it would be much easier just to use wash and wax.
  3. Ok. I will probably use the ceramic wax on the nose, since it will probably be better and easier to clean than the sealant. can I top that wax with graphene detail spray or cs3? then I will probably just paint sealant the rest and see how it works
  4. I don’t have ceramic paste wax, but I have a bottle of the ceramic liquid wax. Would that work over the paint sealant for more protection especially on the nose of camper?
  5. My camper sits inside all winter, so it is only outside maybe 6 to 7 months a year. Would it be beneficial to use the strip wash as it’s first wash as the camper is new? I am also leaning towards just using the paint sealant I have this year to see how that holds up. I don’t currently have ceramic spray coating and would like to use what I have if I could.
  6. How long would the paint sealant last compared to the spray ceramic? Can I apply the ceramic spray coating outside as I do not have a building big enough too apply inside?
  7. Would a spray ceramic coating work better on the nose of the camper than paint sealant? Which one would be easier to clean?
  8. I am going to use the Adam's Paint Sealant on my new fifth wheel camper. So I am wondering what would be the best maintenance for that as far as soap used and using Guard and Gloss. So am I better off using just regular car shampoo every wash and using guard and gloss every 3 or 4 washes? Or would using wash and wax be better? Can I use guard and gloss with wash and wax? I know with such a big camper, just wash and wax would definitely save time.
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