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  1. Yeah, that's sort of what I was thinking. Just wash and no waxing...
  2. Well, it figures, a few weeks after my beautiful detailing job and a guy here at work side-swiped my Camaro. The right rear quarter panel has a dent and paint scraped through to the plastic. The guy owned up to it and left a note, so I got lucky-he's paying for the damage out of his pocket, which came to right at $800.00 There were also a few dings the estimator found on the doors, but no damage to the finish on those. I'll get the paintless dent removal people to take care of that..SO I'm going to take some time off around Labor Day and just redo the entire car, claybar, SWH, FMP, and wax-g
  3. YEah, I'd LOVE something like that that's not TOO big of a contrast
  4. DOH! Right at the top of the page! THANKS! I guess I was thinking more along the lines of Autozone -type retail stores...
  5. Hi Adam, Quick question, are there any local retailers for Adam's Products? If not, any thoughts as to distribution to major metro area retailers?
  6. Thank you!! There's a ton of vinyl striping options out there..I think I'm gonna wait until she gets some age on her, then get 'em painted on. The GM parts site shows a white rally stripe kit for $262.00 whick is pretty steep for vinyl stripes imo...
  7. C'MON DOWN!! Dinner's on me! Yeah, you're right, the decal option just won't work-I hear bad things about decals-She's purty enough as is. I know the paint jobs can be REALLY expensive, but I think that's the ONLY way to go..
  8. PICTURES! She looks even prettier in the sun! Notice all the reflections of the trees, etc. Just loke a mirror! I'm tickled! Now if I can just keep her that way!-One more thing-I'd like y'alls opinion-Should I add a stripe package? I'm thinking white rally stripes-She's beautiful as she is, but I'm wondering about it..what do y'all think?
  9. Well, y'all, I JUST finished the Adams washing, polishing and waxing system!! for the FIRST TIME!-It's now 11:30 p.m. Took me right at 12 hours to do it all-but... WOW!! My 2010 Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro looks UNBELIEVABLE! The paint actually looks WET!! AJ (aka Junkman) is THE MAN!! AJ-I followed the steps pretty well-may have used a bit more pressure than necessary on the PC, but then again I am an IRON MAN (lift weights and stuff) but all in all it turned out magnificent!!! I think I lost about 15 lbs in sweat-heat index of 105+ and the halogens glaring down on me all day didn't he
  10. I got 'em on order! But they won't be here in Atlanta until Tuesday..I'll probably do another light layer of wax next weekend anyway..
  11. Thanks AJ! This answered a LOT of questions! I'm gonna use YOUR method..but what about hard to reach places and mirrors? My Camaro doesn't have body moulding so I don't have to worry about that, but the front has a lot of smaller areas around the grill and between the mirrors and body, in general, places that the PC can't reach-I'm thinking just hand polish and wax those areas right??
  12. Thanks y'all! Junkman, I'm bringing my laptop to the garage when I start, and will work along with your videos, JUST to be absolutely sure I'm doing each step correctly-it'll almost be like you're there with me! I plan on washing the car, going to pick up my mom, returning home and claying the entire car, washing her again, then doing SWR, FMP then waxing her with MSW a 2'x2' section at a time...Is that right??? Being that it's forecast to be 95 degrees plus this weekend, I should be able to lose about 10 lbs in sweat, even in a big garage-think I'll go buy a nice BIG shop fan somewh
  13. that makes a ton of sense-I'm a plastic modeler too, and this is SO true!!
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