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  1. I just applied some graphene ceramic coating on my car and it looks incredible. However, I have a section on the trunk that still looks greasy or you can see the lines I did when applying it. How do I get rid of that? I tried applying more and had no luck. Any suggestions? 98% of the car looks absolutely incredible, I just must have screwed up applying it to a section on the trunk.
  2. I was hoping somebody could do the paint correction? I never get any progress on it. If they wouldn’t mind showing me I wouldn’t mind either. The car is in great shape. Just a few swirls I cannot get out. Looking for some advice or guidance.
  3. Anyone know anyone who can do a paint correction in the Chicagoland area? I am in the Orland Park area.
  4. I am using the same one that came with the flex. They are very difficult to center, but I thought I was close enough. Apparently I was not. I was not aware of the backing plate sizing changing. Thanks for the information. It is a real shame, the 99% of the car turned out perfect. Looked great, until the end. The car has about 65k miles on it and the paint seems kind of fragile on the car. The hood has its fair share of chips on it. I may just see how much it is to get the hood corrected. Thanks for all the help and information.
  5. I bought the car brand new, it has never been in an accident. However, when I bought the car it came with a front license plate that I had taken off then the bumper touched up. This part of the hood is the closest part to the bumper. So maybe it is just that? Thanks for the help and information. Live and learn I guess. Appreciate the help!
  6. It is very hard to tell in certain views. I am assuming I burnt through the clear coat. Sucks... The entire car turned out nearly perfect until the end. This ever happen to anyone? I am assuming with clear coat or something damaged like this I would have to repaint the entire hood? Thanks for the help with this.
  7. liquidred

    Damaged Paint

    Damaged Paint G8
  8. Thanks for the help! Hopefully this is not to bad, fear the worst!
  9. Damaged Paint This is a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT I am a rookie when it comes to machine polishing, done a few cars and overall pretty decent with the results. So today I was using a Flex Polisher along with the 5.5 inch pads and the 2 step correcting polish. All was going well then I noticed one of my pads had a hint of red on it. In certain degrees of light you can see a 2 inch by 1 inch discoloration in the paint. I am totally clueless. I am assuming I burnt through the clear coat? The paint feels the same as the normal paint. Is there anyway to tell? I am open for any suggestions or opinions. I maybe a rookie, but I did not think I did any polishing wrong? (However I must of) I did not put any pressure down on the flex, just went back and forth then up and down in the 2 x 2 area. The picture is really hard to tell, its only visible in certain conditions. Please see the picture below. Damaged Paint (I think this pictures should work)
  10. Awesome! Thanks guys! Sorry for the rookie questions. Appreciate the help, have a great day.
  11. Quick rookie question, but do the new pads work on the Flex? As soon as I buy a flex they start using a new one... Hahahaha If they do work, do you need a certain adapter or they just velcro on like the old ones. Sorry if this has been asked before, just want to make sure before I order them. Appreciate the help.
  12. Thank you for the replies. I will try this out. Appreciate the help.
  13. Sorry if this already has been asked but, if I am polishing a car today and I cannot finish it till tomorrow how do you properly store the pads? I cannot wash them out because they will be to wet for tomorrow use? I got the brush is that good enough? Just a good scrub down then wash them out on Monday?
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