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New Fire Engine


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we've been constantly repairing our '94.. we got shafted by the Borough.. our new Engine is the Street Sweeper that wasnt really needed...


we are trying again to show them we need it.. we love our truck, but its going downhill..

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was that your only piece?




Station 1 has:

2006 Alexis (International) 5 Man Engine/Squad. 1000 Gallons. 1500GPM.

1995 Pierce (International) 5 Man Engine. 750 Gallons. 1250GPM.

1994 Chevy Brush Truck. 4 Door. 300 Gallons. 100GPM


Station 2 has/had:

2003 US Tanker (Freightliner) 2 Man Tanker (or Tender) 3000 Gallons. 500GPM

1984 E-One (Ford COE) 4 Man Engine 750 Gallons. 1000GPM. (RIP)

1976 Alexis (Ford 880 Custom Cab) 2 Man Engine/Field Truck. 1000 Gallons. 750GPM



When we get the new Engine I will get everything together one night and take a picture of all of our stuff.




IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR A COOL PROJECT.... We are trying to get rid of our old Engine that blew the motor. I believe it is a CAT 308. The Engine is a 1984 Ford 8000 COE.


We really need to get rid of it before it goes to the junk yard.


If anyone is interested shot me a PM and I will get pics and more details.

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.... It's not quite done but it's finally being built, after being delayed for 3 months!







By the way... it's being build in America :patriot:


Alexis, Illinois to be exact.


AWESOME! That's our cylinder... S.J.Smith... :rockon:

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