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Our Vacation in Cali


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Well the Wife had to travel to Seattle last week followed by Los Angeles for work..


sorry for the run-on sentences but here is what we did:


Monday: Wife flew to Seattle, had some meetings, dinner, then went to bed


Tuesday: We both flew to Los Angeles, I flew from Newark and she from Seattle, I got the rental, drove to the Luxe Hotel, checked in, the Wife came to the hotel, left her bags, said Hi, then went to her meetings.. I decided to drive around and try and find a place for lunch.. well there was NO place to park, none of the restaurants I could find had parking lots, until finally I found a McDonald's with a lot.. I drove through Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and then the McD's which I think was in Santa Monica.. Then I went back to the hotel, went on the forum a little (free wifi at that hotel) then the wife came to the room and changed for her dinner with her vendor.. so we left the room and went to the lobby for her to wait on the vendor and all of the sudden some woman walks up and starts talking to my Wife and her co-worker and walked right in front of me.. she thought I was trying to hit on my Wife.. then she realized who I was and suggested I come with them, which I was just going to drive around anyways and find a random place, so I said OK let me go Doll up, lol.. We ended up going to Katsuya, not bad, small portions but they say order this and that and share blah blah.. the Vendor woman wanted me to drink, I said no thanks, I dont drink when I have to drive (usually the case) but she then reminded me that she had a car take us.. so I said ok, and she kept saying get more get more.. I had about 7or8 Disaronno Sours before we left.. the bill looked pretty decent, glad I wasnt paying

:jester: , we then went back to the hotel and went to bed..


Wednesday: We woke up, got ready, drove to Hollywood to pick up our LA Go Cards, looked at the Walk of Fame, ate a late breakfast/lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, then went to Beverly Hills and checked in at the Beverly Hilton.. we then planned out the next few days to utilize the Go Card. then after we left the hotel, I wanted to check out High Voltage in Hollywood and saw Kat Von D giving a tattoo and they were filming.. left there and went to American Electric Tattoo and meet Craig Jackman.. my Wife mentioned getting a his/her tattoo last year before our wedding, and we have discussed it since, so I said whats a better souvenir than to get a tattoo on Vacation in Cali for our One Year Anniversary.. so we had Craig sketch up a heart shaped locket and I went down the street to get some cash, when I returned, my Wife was chickening out, so Craig suggested thinking some more about it and come back if she definitely wants it.. so we went back to the hotel, was gonna eat at that restaurant, but didnt like the menu so we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, go figure.. then went back to the hotel and went to bed shortly after (late supper)


Thursday: Woke up, got ready, went and ate breakfast downstairs in the hotel restaurant, then went to Sony Pictures Studio for a tour.. after that, I called Craig at the tattoo shop and mentioned Kim was ready, but unfortunately he was booked so I decided to speak to Adrian Sanchez as I saw his work previously and its great, we then went to Warner Bros. Studio for a tour.. after that we went back to American Electric and spoke to Adrian, he made a new sketch that my Wife loved, sketched out my key, and began on my Wife.. after hers, we grabbed Subway (right next door) while Adrian prepped for mine.. went back in, got mine, and they came out AWESOME!! and I forgot to grab a T-Shirt that I wanted (DARN), we went back to the hotel and shortly after went to bed..


Friday: We woke up, got ready, went and ate breakfast downstairs, then went back to Hollywood, went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, wanted to go to the Kodak Theater Tour, but thats been suspended until August.. We then went to Paramount Studios for a tour, left there, went to Santa Monica Pier, walked around, then ate at a small Italian place called Bruno's Italian Restaurant, the food was AWESOME, and my Wife enjoyed the home made wine which was cheap @ $8 for a half liter, which I encouraged the Wife to finish, I didnt help since I was driving.. after dinner, we walked on the beach so we can stick our feet in the Pacific Ocean.. then went back to the hotel and shortly after went to bed..


Saturday: We woke up, got ready, went and ate breakfast downstairs, then went to Universal Studios.. we had a characterture made.. we then called our Tour Guide from WB which also worked at Universal (although she is giving up WB) and she had us on her tour and skipped the line.. she was very nice and awesome! after that we went to a couple shows, Shrek 4D and Waterworld, walked around, then left to go back to the hotel.. on the way, we stopped at Station 108 for a couple fireshirts (a few guys wanted one, including myself) and they didnt have any and told me to try 68, I went there and NADA, but one said 60 may and even called down there to verify.. so we went there and got some.. meet some great guys at each house.. then eventually got to the hotel.. after that we went to Rodeo Drive and walked up and down.. then went to a nearby Best Buy for my earbuds and the guy suggested a place called BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.. so we said hey, lets give it a shot.. it was AWESOME!! and we noticed a PACKED with line out the door down the road place across the street, it was a place called Diddy Riese, they have you pick two cookies, then ice cream and they make you an Ice Cream Sandwich for $1.50, WOW! tasted awesome too.. there was a homeless guy outside asking everyone for $ while we were in line, said he was a Vietnam Vet.. and some nasty people shooed him away and I felt real bad.. I didnt see where he went, but it really bothered me the way the teens treated him.. they were definitely spoiled rich kids as all they could talk about was how their parents just bought them brand new BMWs and Range Rovers.. so we finally got in and there was another homeless man by the entrance so I bought him a few cookies.. he didnt say anything, but I hope he enjoyed them.. I looked for the Vet but couldnt find him.. I know some people may lie about having served or maybe even made some real bad decisions to get where they are, some may have just been unfortunate, but I wanted to at least try and somewhat brighten one man's evening.. we then left, went back to the hotel, packed up everything, and went to bed..


Sunday: We woke up at 3:30am, got ready, checked out, dropped off rental, and boarded the plane at 6ish, took off a half hour late, got back in NJ and home by around 4:30ish..


Monday: Kim went to work, I went RI to pick up Smokey and Bandit from my Parents, got an email from the VP of Labeling Systems asking me to come in and review my official offer on Tuesday at 4:00pm.. then spent the night after watching the Bruin's game with my father and my best friend..


Tuesday: Woke up, got ready, loaded the car, drove back to NJ.. then shortly after went to the office, reviewed the offer, accepted, checked out my new office.. now I just have to pass a background test and drug test..


Thats about everything in a nutshell..


I have lots of pics and posted a bunch on Facebook..


I'll put a few here, but check out FB for more as I'm too lazy to grab them all from there individually and dont feel like loading onto photobucket..

















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I miss being on vacation, lol


me too, i was off for ten days the beginning of this month lol.




thanks for making me feel like i was back on vacation for a few mins, enjoyed the read :cheers:


i have another vacay coming in august, just seems so far away :help:

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I've been out of work for a couple months but go back to working next week..


but it hasnt been a vacation.. but this Cali trip was a vacation.. spent some great time with the Wife, saw a lot of stuff as mentioned, lol


We were supposed to go/trying to still go to Colorado in September to visit my Sister, that would be the ideal time as my parents are going out as well, so we can split the rental and hotel costs.. only problem, not sure who I would let watch Smokey and Bandit as it would normally be my parents..


where you going in August?

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Williamsburg Virginia with the lady, not sure exactly what we will be doing other than relaxing/hanging out, her family has time share down there and I want to hit up Busch Gardens, I’ve never been there.

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We were in ocean city Maryland the beginning of this month (that ten days I mentioned), I can sit around all day and beach bum it out for all I’m concerned lol she’s the one that tries to pack each day with nonstop action from start to finish.<o:p></o:p>


Two months off though, yeah you win…

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Guest Jay.B

Congrats on the new job and I actually read every bit of your first post :willy:.


I went to Hollywood a couple of years ago with my brother while he was there on business. We stayed at the hotel attached to the Kodak Theatre. I loved the Santa Monica area and I believe I ate at Bubba Gumps on the pier about 3 times that week. But, you did a bit more than I got to do while we were there. He had the car the whole time, so I walked around all the shops in Hollywood and just relaxed and enjoyed being away from everything.

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thanks about the job and thanks for reading it all.. :cheers:


I walked past Bubba Gump, but didn't eat there..


We almost stayed at that hotel (at the Kodak) but we figured the Beverly Hilton was the more 'central' location for what we were looking to do..


It was a great time!

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