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'06 Ram 2500

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I had the pleasure of detailing a Black 2006 Ram 2500 Quad Cab with 103k on it today. I actually started last night and finished up today around 4. Sorry there are no before pics. I was trying to beat the rain and get it into the garage.



Tires and wheels and wheel wells with APC & GWC

Foam gun soak

used the lug nut brush on emblems and the grill while soaking


foamed again

2 Bucket wash


Polished out a couple of scratches (it was real hard to not do the whole truck as it was swirled up)

1 Coat of BG

1 coat of APW

SVRT tires and vinyl trim x2

MP #2 on the wheels


I also did the interior but I don't have pics so I won't bore you with the details.


The mirror type pic is the area I where I polished out a scratch.

2 passes SSR

2 passes SHR

2 passes FMP (still have the cloudy look with this) I'm working through it though.



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