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Showed my aunts 09 Porsche Cayman a little adams love


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Pretty much summary of the car is


09 Porsche Cayman Coupe


Dark Blue

Tan Interior

6-speed manual

20k beaten city miles

Daily Driven in NYC (manhattan) and parked on the street


She came by my house cause were going to a family party so i had about 20 mins to clean it up for her


APC non-diluted on wheels/tires

undercarraige spray and brush

Adams Jumbo wash mit

Adams car wash

Adams Foam Gun

Adams Drying towel


this thing really needs a full detail/correction the paint feels like sand paper


but sadly i only had time for a bath


before :






after :





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lol maybe but her living in the city is a PITA to do anything and out by her summer house they have hard water so i cant do it out there...


interesting note... i found out today that it has that hill assist thing which is pretty interesting... shes been driving manual cars since the 70s tho so she doesnt need it as a feature lol

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^ when she had her house in brooklyn she used too take care of em

c280 sport, slk350 sport, clk550, etc; they were garage kept and stuff


but in the city theres nowhere to even wash a car yourself , i havent seen a carwash near her that i would trust going to , and shes in law enforcement indsutry so she is allowed to park on the street but otherwise u gotta pay anywhere from 300-800 a month to park in a parking garage

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