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Can I get a catalog or two?



Was talking to my grandpa the other day, he is trying to polish this really old brass water heater. He has the right polishers, just doesn't have the right product. I told him about this American company called Adams Polishes. He told me to get him a catalog and send it over.


How do I get one of these new catalogs you just made? I've never used an Adams product yet either,:patriot:

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Does your grandpa have access to the internet? Not to sound offensive, but I know how the elderly can be when it comes to the internet, and needing a catalog. So that may not be an option/


Click the link LDM posted and that should get you what you need.


If you have any questions the community in this forum are the people to answer them, as they all started somewhere else and ended up here...well because they understand just how great Adam's Premium Car Care Products are, but also EASY to use.


Please, PM me if you have any questions,


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