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I like pin stripes, but they are a bear when hit with a clay bar... :willy:


I'm taking mine off for next spring, along with the badges. I like my stickers/decals, but the rest is going to go. The only chrome I'll have left is the bumpers. Ther est should be black or color matched blue.


I want to get a Sport grill to replace the chrome OEM. That too will wait till spring.

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Nice looking truck, I really like the style of those rams compared to mine. Much easier waxing without badges. Are you going to leave the door ding guards on or take them off too? Do you have any other ideas of what you are going to do to it or are you going to leave it somewhat stock?

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Under the Hood;



I wish I could have that engine in my truck. How is that engine compared to the 5.9 diesel or have you not driven one with the 5.9. Since you aren't going to remove the side moldings are you going to paint match them one the vehicle, I have seen it done and it comes out looking great. Here is an example just a different color. I have the link for the "how to" if you interested when warmer weather hits.



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