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My friends and I drive to school now and we're always on the look out for each other :loser: The kids who drive in my school are so lazy and park as close to the building as possible and leave the parking lot extremely dirty. Driving in each day is so much better now, I get in at 7am and home around 3.




Sorry for the blurry pic, my iPhone's camera is covered by a film :(


Also, I'm in the silver car, my buddie in the white car also has his OWN 68 Torino and that mustang is a 95 5.0 The mustang is a blast to be in.

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Its not always best to park WAYYYYYYYYY out.


Here is a little story-I had a really nice 92 Cougar and it was in perfect condition.


I went to Meijer. I parked far out in the lot where no other cars were. It was a windy day.


Apparently, a shopping cart was cruising through the parking lot with a mind of its own. The further it traveled the more speed it picked up. Guess what it hit? Yep. My car. Parked all alone so no one would mess with it.


It did $900 worth of damage + paint. The car was silver and it matched after the repair but I was still bummed out.

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