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It is a Carrier Performance Series Single Stage Heatpump with Variable Speed Air Handler with Electric Aux Heat. It has been in service for 14 months now. Now when the outside unit goes thru the defrost cycle the electric heat will not come on. While it is defrosting it blows cold air indoors until the outdoor unit finishes the cycle. I have checked everything that I can think of (all the settings in the thermostat, breakers, wiring, etc). It worked last winter perfect no problems but now we have issues.

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I don't have a heat pump. I skipped out on that due to my local climate and didn't think it would be beneficial. I did however find this. My first thought when I read your problem was a refrigerant leak.

Common HVAC Problems, Heat pump blowing cold air, Not heating, HVAC Troubleshooter


Why Does My Heat Pump Blow Cold Air - Ask.com


Hope this may help if you haven't already corrected your problem. Heat Pump is something I don't know much about. Other aspects of HVAC I know a fair amount, after getting hosed the first go around.

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Couple things come I mind:


Bad computer board on condensing unit


Thermostat bad/loose connection


Aux heating element bad



Sorry, hard to troubleshoot without seeing it.





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