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Noob's Wash Products Review!!!



Ok, so I thought I'd give a review of some of the Adam's products I've used for my new "wash system'. Again, when I purchased these items, I was new to the world of Adam's products. Like many forum members, I watched the videos and wondered about the efficacy of some of the products. One thing I can say that I'm learning about every Adam's product I've purchased is that they oftentimes exceed my hopes and expectations. They work. So with that said - on with the review!


In this review, I'll be covering several Adam's Products used for car washing.


Adam's Car Wash Shampoo

Adam's Car Wash Shampoo Gallon Refill


First, let's start with the shampoo. When I first bought my Challenger back in the end of November, I also bought some other very popular car care products that were touted on the Challenger forum that start with. . . um. . . the letter Z. One of the Z products I received was a car wash. I've used both the Z car wash and the Adam's Car Wash and while the first is good, Adam's is markedly better. Here's why. The Adam's car wash is pH balanced and friendly to use on your paint (so is the first one), but it's also earth friendly, too (I don't know about the other brand). That's a big plus, especially considering how frequently I plan to wash my cars in the Spring and Summer!

The other popular car wash made suds and foam, but the Adam's car shampoo was much better at creating rich, thick lavish bubbles and foam. It filled my bucket with suds much better, I felt, than the other product. I also prefer the smell of the Adam's shampoo to any car wash I've ever used. It has a very pleasing cherry scent to it that makes car washing a pleasure. When used in the Adam's Foam Gun I purchased from Thompson Racing, the Adam's Shampoo created a thick blanket of foam on my car. I never knew it, but this layer of thick foamy bubbles is important in keeping dirt particles on the car from creating swirls when they are agitated and removed by the wash media (a wash mitt or pad). Originally, I placed an order for 16 oz. container of the car shampoo just to "try it out". I now have a gallon container! So the lesson learned? Just go ahead and save yourself the trouble and don't postpone the inevitable - order the gallon from the beginning along with your 16 oz. container so you can refill it! The shampoo is an essential part of the wash process and you don't want to use Dawn or some brand from the Auto Part Store. I've used a TON of those (Turtle Wax, Blue Coral, etc.) and none of them have ever foamed up like Adam's or, better yet, RETAINED the foam for the duration of the entire wash. Some of the lesser products I'd purchased from the automotive section in Wal-Mart or from the auto parts store have foamed up fairly well at first, only to very quickly lose that foam and leave me with basically sudsy water. Not Adam's! You'll have foam down to your last dip in your bucket! It's great stuff and I'll be reordering once my gallon is depleted.



Adam's Ultimate Merino Wool Car Wash Mitt

Adam's Ultimate Mereno Wool Car Wash Mitt w/ FREE 16oz Car Shampoo


Ok, so that brings me to my wash media. Traditionally, because I really didn't know any better, I've used wash mitts from Wally World or even a washcloth. When I ordered my Adam's products, I decided not to half way do anything. I decided if I was going to do this, I'd do everything as properly and thoroughly as possible. So I ordered the Merino Wool Car Wash Mitt and the smaller Wash Pad. I use the Merino Wool Mitt on the upper part of my car and the wash pad on the lower panels. By doing this, I know I'm not going to risk getting any of the grit from the dirtiest panels on my car spread to the roof or hood of my car. It's one more way to insure that I minimize my potential for creating damage to my finish during my washing process.


I've found the Merino Wool Mitt to be very soft, thick and easy to use to wash the top half of my car. Sometimes, I take the mitt off of my hand and hold it like a wash pad. The mitt can be tossed into the washing machine on a gentle cycle with no harsh chemicals (I used allergy All) and, after the spin cycle, I pull it out to air dry. The wool mitt is a very soft wash media that is a pleasure to use. I wasn't sure if I wanted to pull the trigger on this item since it's about three times as much as a wash pad, but I'm glad I did. First, I immediately know that this is used to wash the top part of my car. It's very easy to distinguish from the wash pad. Secondly, it's so thick and luxurious that dirt particles would have a hard time getting out of those fibers to reach the paint! I also like being able to wear the mitt because that guarantees that I'll not accidentally drop it on the driveway! I've had no problems with wool fibers pulling out of the mitt or any deterioration whatsoever.



Adam's Professional Car Wash Pad

Adam's Professional Car Wash Pad


The wash pad, which is just as safe as the wool mitt, is great for the lower panels, but I'd also have no qualms or hesitations about using it to wash the entire car (of course, I'd still have 2 of these: one for the top part and one for the lower part). The wash pad has very thick, deep fibers that will protect your paint from grit, too. I find this size pad is ideal for working on the panels that are closest to the ground because it isn't too big. I don't really have to worry about dragging it on the ground and picking up leaves and debris. I actually purchased another small wash pad and a large wash pad as back ups. If I ever use that duo, I'll use the large pad on the upper part and the smaller pad on the lower panels. These pads are more than sufficient to provide you a scratch free wash media. I just purchased the Merino Wool Mitt for a more luxurious feel and I would recommend it and purchase another without hesitation.



Adam's Ultimate Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle & Shut Off Valve Combo

Adam's Ultimate Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle & Shut Off Combo


It took me a few orders, but I finally gave in and ordered the fire hose nozzle/shut off valve combo. I got tired of using the old hose nozzle that we'd had for years, so I decided I'd see if this combo was worth the money. YES!! It is! It's incredibly solid and well built. You can feel the excellent quality that went into the machining of this nozzle when you adjust it from spray to stream. This is a VERY well-made piece of equipment. It also pairs perfectly with the shut-off valve.


First of all, I don't have very strong water pressure at my house and that's one of the reasons I was balking at spending over $60 for a hose nozzle and shut off valve. However, I've found that I get a boost in pressure from this nozzle that the old nozzle from Wal-Mart never gave me. It's not my imagination either. When I use the fire hose nozzle on stream setting it shoots out a jet of water with more force than my old nozzle. I compared the two back to back and found I had a better force with this nozzle. Why's that important to me? It means that my chances of knocking dirt and debris off my car with water are greater, and that, in turn, helps insure that I'll further minimize the risk of adding swirls to my paint when I wash it.


The shut-off valve is great in that it allows me to cut off the water without having to run back to the spigot. I can turn off the water to the nozzle with the shut off valve and even if I accidentally turn on the nozzle, nothing comes out. Also, when using just a nozzle only, I'd always have to turn the water off and on by twisting the nozzle. With the shut off valve, I can leave the nozzle set to the ideal stream or spray and cut the water off with the level on the shut off. When I turn the water back on with the shut off lever, my nozzle is exactly dialed in where I left it. It's just one of those things that makes washing your car less of a hassle and it's great. Once you use one of these, you'll never regret purchasing it.


Adam's Brass Quick Disconnect Kit

Adam's Brass Quick Disconnects Kit


Speaking of using the fire hose nozzle, since I also purchased an Adam's Foam Gun, I decided to buy the quick disconnect kit. This kit allows me to quickly switch from the fire hose nozzle almost immediately to my foam gun and then back again. I don't have to unscrew the nozzle and then screw on the foam gun. It's just a quick disconnect and an equally quick connect and I'm ready to roll. This is another one of those things that when you use it, you'll not regret having purchased it and you will wonder why you never got it sooner! The brass quick disconnect parts are well made and don't leak, so they are perfect for people who need to quickly move from one accessory to another on their wash hose. Definitely recommended!



Adam's Double Car Wash Grit Guard Bucket Kit

Adam's Double Car Wash Grit Guard Bucket Kit



Last, but certainly not least, the Grit Guard bucket! I put up a link for the double car wash grit guard bucket kit because I wound up ultimately buying all the components a la carte. Trust me, it's cheaper to just go ahead and buy the kit first! Here's what I love about the kit. First, the buckets are placed in sturdy bucket caddies which means you don't have to lift these buckets, which are quite heavy when filled with water. It's MUCH easier to wheel the buckets around your vehicle than lugging them all around. It will actually make washing the car easier on your back and less tiring! I would buy the kit because along with the bucket caddies you get the bucket caddy adapter which allows you to connect two buckets together to wheel around as a unit. This makes keeping your rinse bucket and your wash bucket close together. It's actually easier to wheel these two buckets in tandem than to wheel one bucket and then to go back and wheel the other bucket. This saves time. Just wheel the unit and you've got both buckets right there where you need them. No running back and forth needed!


Another great feature of using the bucket caddy system is that you can screw the lid back on your bucket and using it as a rolling detail seat! This is a great and possibly overlooked feature of the bucket. It will definitely save your knees and make detailing the door panels, side of your car and undercarriage/wheel areas so much easier! I found it took a lot of strain out of my back when I wasn't constantly bent over polishing. The bucket caddy allowed me to be in a seated position but still have full access to all the lower areas of my car. Also, these buckets will support quite a bit of weight. I had no indication that my bucket was straining under my weight. Each caddy also has two locking castors so you can prevent your caddy from rolling.


The buckets themselves a sturdy and well made. Perhaps the only wish I have for the buckets is that they would be a little taller/deeper. I believe these are 4.5 gallon buckets and I really wish they were 5 gallon buckets. Sometimes I have gotten to the grit guard at the bottom of the bucket during a car wash, and thus, I had to empty my bucket and create a little more foamy shampoo for washing. The grit guards themselves are very easy to use and judging from the gunk coming out from under it at the bottom of my rinse bucket, I can see it does its job as advertised! I actually bought three buckets with grit guards. Two for the 2 bucket wash system, but another bucket and grit guard just for using in conjunction with my Adam's Boars Hair brushes for cleaning the wheels. I highly recommend these sturdy, well-made plastic buckets as well as the grit guard system!


There isn't one product listed above that I would hesitate to order again. The only wish I have is that the buckets would be a little larger/deeper. That's it. The 4.5 gallon bucket doesn't impede the effectiveness of the grit guard system in the slightest, though. I just find that sometimes I might need to make more wash suds.


Hope this helps!

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No problem, Boomer. I really recommend you take a look at a lot of the kits and package deals on the website. In the end, I would've saved quite a bit of money buying these kits because I wound up purchasing all the products eventually. So I would've saved on the items as well as on the shipping.


I viewed a lot of these items initially with skepticism. I thought "really? not just one bucket. . . but two?" and "not just any old cheapo bucket, but one with a grit guard. . . really?" Yep. Really. These things actually work. If you see a product video and thing "it can't be that easy" or "it can't work that well" then get ready to be surprised. These products have all exceeded my expectations. That's why I kept going back and placing new orders again and again.


I that's why I started doing my noob reviews. :thumbsup:

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