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I'm gonna make this short...


Our building is set to "unoccupied" on the weekends and midnights (something nobody knew). So the heat was turned off, and it was around 15 degrees this morning and we are right by the windows.


So I call the building coordinator and he calls the HVAC specialist out here on a Sunday morning. The HVAC guy says "see this little black button on the thermostat?"


"Press it."


Heat comes on.




I am astonished that the building coordinator did not know about this... just amazing. So my company had to pay an HVAC specialist to make a special trip on a Sunday. I want to see that bill for 5 minutes of "work".

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Guest Gone & Forgotten

For the last 4 years, I've been working for someone who, ignorantly, has us meet at his house 10 minutes early everyday. So we can load into the work van and go to the gas station and get a cup of coffee, soda, snack before work. Like these morons can't handle that on their own time? I bring my drinks/snacks for the day and don't wish to burden others with my lack of planning.


Then, at 9:30am, we hit another gas station, then at 12:pm, another, then at 2ish, another -


Hey d-bags! Plan for the day and quit wasting my time!!!!!!!!!!!!


I drive the work van too. You should hear the illegals squeal when I tell em "no pinche tienda bolsa de douches"

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Expensive lesson learned, I would think the super would know about this?And should at least split the service call $$$.


Hah, don't get the wrong idea. I'm nothing more than a lowly paper pusher working my way through college.


There is normally about 800 employees here on any given weekday. On the weekend? 8. I just take liberties on myself to fix stuff... gotta stand out some how.

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