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Bangastang '10 GT500 Makeover Part 2


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The '10 GT500 came to us in very good shape with low miles and it already had a few goodies on it.....billet engine caps, coil covers, aftermarket engine hoses and Alcoa wheels. Bangastang doesn't believe in butchering a Shelby GT500 just enhancing what is there.


The airbrushing is on the hood and it was time to apply the first coats of clear. Take a look at the Youtube video


It was time to start stripping the GT500 of all lights, markers, door handles, turn signals, badging, rocker panels, front and rear fascia, rubber trim and the vinyl stripes. There would be no vinyl stripes on this GT500 only painted graphics. Here's a short video of the vinyl stripe removal


In order to do the GT500 right we needed to start with a clean slate so we sanded down the factory paint. We're going to replace the OEM paint with several coats of PPG in the UA black original color....this time around there would be several coats of paint and A LOT of clear.


Part III is coming.


Thanks again to to Adam and his crew.

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