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Bangastang '10 GT500 Makeover Part 3


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Now that we've selected our color scheme we've started to lay out the tape lines for the stripes GT500. Using a laser mounted on a tripod it took us one full day to lay the stripe lines on the top of the car. Each stripe had to be measured several times before finalized. Did you know that the stripes on most cars are not the same width in all areas? The widths will vary depending on area. The top of the roof will have the widest stripe while the tip of the hood and trunk will taper down.


Our main color is black which will be accented with several carbon fiber parts and a few other colors that we will reveal later. All of the stripes and graphics on the GT500 will be painted, no vinyl will be used. After two days of laying tape for stripes it was time to apply the first coat of PPG paint. After each coat we inspected the GT500 for any flaws. A total of four coats of paint was applied. We want our Bangastang Project GT500 to be seen from the moon.


Between coats of paint there is what's termed flash time which is the amount of time before you can apply another coat of paint.


We're starting to see the GT500 unfold but it's a long way from finished more paint, a lot of clear, wet sanding and buffing. We also needed some

performance upgrades. Looking good is one thing but performing is another.


Stay Tuned for Part IV of our Bangastang '10 GT500 Project Makeover


Mr. Bangastang

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