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Quick Sealant on chrome/glass



Well yesterday I was able to give my truck a good hand wash but do to short time it was just a quick one so no paint correction yet or pics but I just wanna say right before winter hit I had recieved a can of quick sealant so I decided to do the chrome on my truck (front and rear bumper, and grill) and hit all my windows and I must say this stuff lasts a long time on chrome! I only washed my truck once maybe 2 times this whole winter granted it was a mild winter for us here but no shortage of salt on my truck and when I washed it and rinsed I was taken back by the beading of the water on my bumpers, grill and windows. For those of you questioning it on chrome wheels or bumpers dont I will forever use this product on any chrome and glass on my vehicles from here on out its sweet. I did put it on my hood and fenders as well as they would take the most abuse from our winter and there was still beading so all in all I am very impressed with the quick sealant and hopefully this coming weekend with weather permitting of course I plan on a full correction with my PC as my truck is stripped of all badges and I have blue tape I am just patiently waiting for the right time to do it. That is all happy detailing everyone

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