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FMP vs Revive Polish



Whats the difference in Fine Machine Polish and Revive polish if I use a PC 7424xp, does one work better then the other? I know one is for Machine and Revive is for hand application, but can I use revive for the pc?

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Dylan said it best.


Revive and FMP are actually very similar in their basic composition, but there are some key differences mainly the types of 'solids' used in each. FMP by hand is a bit of a losing proposition as you can't really break down the solids properly without the machine action.


Revive doesn't take much to break down, and relies more heavily on the foam (blue) to do the polishing. It also has some minor filling ability -not a lot, but some- to help minimize or mask major defects. In a weird way Revive falls somewhere between a polish and a glaze. It goes a long ways to improve gloss...


The use of it after FMP is up for debate. I personally don't like it in that respect, and would much prefer to use Brilliant Glaze in that slot of my routine, but its one of those things most people should really define for themselves. Everyones opinion will be different based on their process, the color of the car they're dealing with, and their preferences.




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