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Getting my Strobes for the Vic


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I've got my Tailight and Cornering lamp flashers, aswell as rear third brake light deck lights.


Ahhhhh, I wish I could show a picture, but the darn cops always come by my house... don't want to get arrested! :D


I'll take the vic somewhere and turn em on, take some pictures, and quickly get home haha.


Pics soon! :D

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Ex-police Crown Vic. Check.


Strobes on that ex-police Crown Vic. Check.


Waiting on getting busted with strobes on that ex-police Crown Vic. Waiting.


As long as you're not driving with the strobes on, you can have them on if you're parked (AFAIK). Many people have strobes on their cars for car shows and such, they just don't use them while driving (serious offense for trying to be a cop).


All this reminds me of how glad I am I never went with my plan and got myself a Crown Vic in high school.

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Awww man, that sounds nice, I hear the 2011's are AMAZING. But for some reason, There's complaints that the cars are "too soft" That the earlier years like mine and a buddy's 2004 have a sportier feel to them..


Not sure, but could you get some pics of the 2011? :D

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