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PC process with multiple passes



I just got my first order and can't wait to start on my DD in order to get some practice in. After watching the vol 8 videos I get the basics of using the PC on a 2x2 test sample to perfect the process before preceding to the rest of the car.


The part I'm confused on is what happens when I get done with the test section (SSH, SHR, FMP) and realize I need to make another pass with SSH? Obviously I'm going to have to go over the test section with SHR and FMP to get that section back to perfect.


Let's say that worked. Now when I go to do the rest of the car, would this be the order: SSH (app #1), SSH (app #2), SHR, and then FMP, or do I have to through it like the test section: SSH, SHR, FMP, SSH, SHR, and then FMP?


I'm assuming the first scenario since the later would waste more product, but I just wanted to make sure before attempting the process.


Thanks for all the help in advance.

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I do it like this: I do the whole part of a car (Hood, Side, Roof) with SHR to the point that I know it's good to go to FMP and then hit that same part with FMP. Use bright lights and inspect the paint as you are going. The test area process works OK, but you may have areas of the car that take 3 passes and some that take 1 pass with SHR. Just keep looking at your progress as you move along.


One can do each panel all the way from beginning to end with each process if one wants, but I find there's overlap sometimes from one panel to another so I just do all of one and then all of another and so on...

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