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"Ghosting" after polishing with Flex



So this made me laugh, and I'm posting this both to help others and to double check that what I'm thinking is happening is probably what's happening.


Car sits in the garage most of the time these days, it's been months since the last waxing, and the car's probably been washed two or three times since then and driven probably 1000 to 2000 miles. Maaaybe 3000. But I didn't believe there would be any wax left on the car, since some swirling was visible (year and a half since the last polishing, after all), so I didn't wash it with Dawn to try to strip it.


Car was washed and clayed first. Brand new Flex, brand new Gen4 pads, three pea-sized dollops of FMP, and a shot of detail spray just like in the latest video.


After running the Flex starting with the white pad and FMP, speed on 5, I pulled the pad and wiped the car clean with a double soft towel only to discover what I could best describe as "ghosting" on the surface of the paint. Detail spray would not remove it.


Here are two example shots. You can see what I'm talking about "below" the lights reflected on the hood, which is directionally to the right in the actual photograph. They look like hazy banding on the paint.






Hopped on the forums and found a thread about stripping the car before polishing. Huh. The ghosting did look kind of like wax hazing. I had a bottle of isopropyl/water mix in the garage, so I went back out, sprayed some of that on, and... the ghosting started slowly coming off.


That's what got me laughing. Adams waxes are just too good! They stick!


So I'm pretty sure this is left over wax that I just didn't remove before starting to polish. So I'll hit the panels with isopropyl and a great white towel to remove the wax before I continue polishing. Sound like a good analysis/fair course of action?

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