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Cutting and programming keys


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Lat night I get a call at 6 p.m. My daughter is an hour from home and has just lost her car keys down the toilet. Don't ask, I have no idea. She is headed back to college and has another two hours to drive. The kicker, her spare key is in her dorm room.


So after a round trip I got home about 12:30 last night. Got to ride the Camaro for an extended trip and have a ton of bug guts to get off. But that is not the problem.


A new 2006 VW Jetta key is $300 cut and programmed by the dealer. A simple spare key is about $160. I found unprogramed and uncut keys cheaper at https://www.ikeyless.com


I am guessing I will save about 60 bucks on the fob and key and am wondering how likely I am to find a lock smith who can cut and program the key cheaper than the dealership. Also. can I program these myself and will just need to have the key cut?


Or should i just kiss $300 by and forget about it? :help:

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Save yourself the headache and get it at the dealer, here at work we buy the keys with the chips, cut them ourselves and program them, Idk how it works for your car but for our GM cars and trucks its put the original key in, and to the on position, remove original and insert new key, start car with key and bam its programmed. Good luck!

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