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2012 Toyota Camry


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This Toyota is only 3 months and has been in for some hail damage repair twice already. Also the owner didn't know what she was in for when she bout a black car. Right off the bat after purchasing the car she took it to a self service car wash and scrubbed it that nasty brush. Also This thing was covered with water spots. So anyway she took it to me and I learned her a few things on how to protect her finish. This is my first before and after so forgive me on the photo's.


2 Bucket Carwash with Adam's Carwash Shampoo

Cleaned Tires and Wheel wells with Adam's APC

Clay Bared entire vehicle including the glass

Applied Severe Swirl Remover with PC

Applied Swirl & Haze remover with PC

2 passes with both SSR & SHR

Applied Fine Machine Polish with PC

Applied Brillinat Glaze with Machine Pad and PC (Love This Stuff)

Applied Americana Paste Wax

Supper VRT on Tires

Cleaned Glass with Adam's Glas Cleaner

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