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Hyndai window trim issues



Here are two pictures that sum up what I am dealing with...






It is made from plastic... It doesnt feel like it is etched however it must be in some way.


I started with In and Out spray, ...NOTHING!


tried to see what VRT would do, also nothing except cover it up a little...


I tried heavy polish with a green pad... NOTHING!


Any one have any ideas how to fix this? I am completely stumped...:help:


And since this is my first time posting on the Forum, I would like to say hi! I have been detailing for about 7-8 years now. Love Adam's products and LOVE detailing! It's like a sort of meditation for me.


Here is a couple of pics of the job I did on my truck a couple of weeks back...









I am looking forward to getting to know some of you folks. I always want to learn more and it seems as though there is a vast ocean of knowledge on this site...


SOOOO, I am off to back to reading!

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Have you tried decontaminating it with Adam's APC and an Adam's Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towel?


From the pics, one of two things sticks out to me. Either the trim needs decontaminated, or it's peeling away a layer. If it's peeling away, not much to do but live with it until it's time for replacement. Try the APC and Towel thing and see if that gets some of the oxidation off.


THEN dress it!


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I had a similar problem with my former Ford Taurus. I took a very fine grade steel wool and lightly went over it. It uniformed it out; it all looked the same inlieu of spots etc. I kept it dressed w/ Super VRT. The other choice was about $800. for new trim.

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