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2012 BMW Scratch



Hey gang, I have a friend who just bought a 2012 3 Series Sedan (Lease).


She parked at work to find someone scratched her car. Its on the rear near


Gas panel. It about an inch long, only part of the scratch catches on my


nail. The car is black and I honestly didnt even notice it until she showed


it to me. But now that I know where it is i cant stop looking at it lol.


The section of the scratch that doesnt catch on my nail Im pretty sure I can


repair using the focus pad. However the part that does catch on my nail,


is it safe to say its going to need wet sanding?


Should I even attempt the Green, Orange, White Awesomeness on it?



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Short answer is yes. The shallower area will most likely come out completely with proper technique and patience. The deeper scratched area will improve but not come out completely.


It would be helpful if you could post a pic of the area close-up. If you need any advice with technique, you are in the right place.:2thumbs:

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