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Porter Cable DA w or w/o pads


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Hey, just started clearing out space for a new rotary and the PC seems to be taking up space as of now. Again , something I'm not in a rush to get rid of but want someone who is new to benefit from this. I take care of this thing like a baby and gets kept inside so no "creepy-crawlys" can get inside. Also kept in a case haha. Anyways its been used for under 15 corrections I'd say, so time wise it is a very new machine. Will include Adams backing plate and PC tool. I have no pictures as I am away from home now but will put some up as soon as I get back.




Anyways there is alot included in this bundle but like I said my loss is someone news gain. And if I could I would include polishes but per forum rules this is not allowed, so all you need along with my lot is the set of polishes that Adams offers in a great bundle at a competitive price when bought together. The pictures below show how great everything was kept, and like I said above everything was cared for greatly and correctly according to Adams guidelines.



-Porter Cable Machine

-Spindle changing tool

-Adams 6" Backing Plate

-Adams 4" Backing Plate

-Gen 3 Hex Face Severe Swirl Pad (x2)

-Gen 3 Hex Face Swirl & Haze Remover Pad (x2)

-Gen 3 Hex Face Fine Machine Polish Pad (x2)

-Gen 3 Hex Face Machine Super Sealant Pad (x2)

-Gen 3 4" Hex Face Severe Swirl Pad (x2)

-Gen 3 4" Hex Face Swirl and Haze Remover Pad (x2)

-Gen 3 4" Hex Face Fine Machine Polish Pad (x2)


So altogether 14 Pads, 2 backing plates and a PC and PC tool.








As you can see the 6" Machine Super Sealant pads are new, and the one Fine Machine Polish Pad is new as well. A great deal for someone looking to start a correction stage on their car and learn how to polish properly with the Adams product line.


Looking back all this product with everything said and done cost me over $300 easily.


Asking $150+ Shipping.


Any questions don't be afraid to ask. If you are local and would like me to help you with it and give you a few pointers that would probably work out too (I professionally detail for my daily job). Thanks for looking everyone, have a great rest of your weekend!



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