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Made in USA Mini-Spray Bottles for Car Storage


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I hope this is ok by Adam's crew to put this here, let me know if not.  So as much as I would love to be able to use the Adam's Compact Travel bag to store supplies in my truck (I still intend to order one regardless), I just don't have the adequate storage or room to have it without impeding on room for passengers.  But I still wanted to be able store small amount of Adam's products for minor cleaning, etc.  So I went searching at the local Container Store and found these.  They are mini spray bottles normally used for traveling and adhering to FAA standards when carrying on baggage.  They hold a perfect amount of product for small applications and are easy to refill.  I store this in my center console and it fits perfectly.  Moreover, all the items you see (bag and spray bottles) are made in the U.S.A. which is a huge plus.  In all, I believe what you see in the picture cost me no more than $7.


I found it particularly useful for cleaning windows or dressing the interior when I am waiting on my wife while she is in the store or if I am getting fuel and just want to touch things up.  Also helps if you get a bird-bomb and want to clean it before it sits too long.


Could this be something that Adam's could provide for those who don't have huge amounts of storage?  I would much rather purchase a comparable kit from Adam's.  Just a thought!



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