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How does one remove H2O Guard & Gloss?



Hey guys, I’ve applied H2O to my car every few washes for the last few months (I have half a gallon of the old stuff that a buddy gave me for a good price when the 2.0 came out). It’s the end of February and I live in Long Island, NY aka cold cold cold. Spring time is around the corner and it’s time to do a correction. My concern is how do I strip off H2O completely or almost completely? Of course polishing the paint as is would mostly remove it but I want just that little bit more power to remove it before I load up my pads when I correct. 


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Any of the following would work.


Wash with Strip Wash.

Add some APC in the bucket with regular Car Shampoo and wash like regular.

Foam the car with APC and then wash like normal.  This is what I do on customers cars (generally pretty neglected).


The claying process will remove anything left after the wash process.

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