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I'm looking to trade the below products all of which are brand new and never used.  The H2O Guard and Gloss looks off in the picture only because of separation, just needs a good shake. Open to trades, but only for non-Adam's products.


- Wheel and Tire Cleaner

- Iron Remover (3)

- H2O Guard and Gloss 




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Hey Chas,


No Ammo NYC unfortunately, I have had my eye on their RW/WW but haven't pulled the trigger yet, just not sure if it'll work well enough to justify the price. 


Griots I really only have their RW


Not sure if you would be interested in some spray and rinse protection product?  If so I have some Waxedshine Aquabead concentrate I can trade with you.  Let me know. Also have a healthy stock of Shine Supply and JaxWax products in case you're interested in trying any of theirs. 

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