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Pressure Washer Input Requested

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Hey All,


Working to get my garage outfitted for detailing, and the old junky electric pressure washer I have is no longer gonna cut it. So I'm looking for some input on which model I should get and why.

Currently looking between:

Active 2.0

Adams Pressure Washer 2.0

Pro Series?


On paper, they are nearly the same machine from what I can tell. I know the Active 2.0 gets good reviews on other websites, but I also read good on the Adams 2.0. Is it purely that the Adams is designed to be mobile and the Active is more stationary? I am planning to build a PW station in my garage, so that pushes me towards the Active for the smaller form factor. If I have to do anything around the house with the PW then I will have to take it out, not a big deal.


My local store is having a Tent Sale in a couple weeks, so I may try to snag a Pro Series if they have any and the price is right. Or, may get an Active/Adams 2.0 and use the savings to get a de-ionizer. Looking for any advice or experiences people have this these machines.



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