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noticed a few things...



so my aunt just got a 09 porsche cayman. dark midnight blue with tan interior. I washed it for her today and i noticed a few things. first off, it has no wax on it. surface feels rough and not right. water doesnt really bead. secondly it already has hard water spots. the car is parked on the street in the city year round. and she only washes it at her house out in LI and it is well water so im assuming thats where the hard water is coming from? (sprinklers probably catch some parts of the car at night). anyway adams has made me learn quite alot about detailing and seeing this made me wanna cry.


besides that car is amazing to drive. its got about 1000 miles on it now so i was able to get on her a little bit. its a 6-speed. nice pull...its quick but its not FAST like my viper or bike or jeffs chally. jeff is gonna be out here with me tomorrow so he might see the car if my aunt is around.

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