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  1. Badbird2000

    Newbie starting...

    Thanks guys. I did the thumbnail test, can't feel it. I'l try Revive, but I'm really using this as an excuse to buy a PC. But, on that note, how do the swirl killers compare?
  2. Badbird2000

    Newbie starting...

    Hey guys. I have been a customer of Adams for years, mainly the cleaners and tire shine, some of the early waxes. I try and keep my Silverado in decent shape. I was at the county recycling center Saturday, dropping off my Christmas tree. Had it leaning up against the bed cover, and it slipped off and scraped down the tailgate. Oh crap. I don't have pictures, the truck is dirty and it hasn't been above freezing in what seems like forever. When we do thaw out and I can access the damage, i'm going to try some Revive by hand and see if that works. If not, I guess my next step would be a Porter Cable 7424. How much damage can I do with that? I helped out a buddy years ago, buffing out cars (started with my one p.o.s. out of a junkyard), so I am familiar with the process. I know to go slow, and read the tutorials. Any other advice? Thanks!
  3. Badbird2000

    Dealership Detailing? Think again......

    Gack!! Nah, i'll pass on the pimply faced 19 year old scrubbing my car..
  4. Badbird2000

    Injury due to detailing

    I tore ligaments in my wrist due to a detailing injury. Was standing on my bedrail of my truck loading a bed. I had freshly detailed my truck the day before, adding Adams VRT to the plastic bed rails. It was still damp from the dew that morning.... took a header and slid off the bedrail, while standing up, broke my fall with my wrist and barely avoided ringing my bell on the driveway....Wrist was sore for a month, still swollen, so I broke down and went to the doctor. Tore a ligament in the wrist, elected to not have surgery, as he indicated it would heal by itself... that was three years ago. Wrist still hurts...
  5. Badbird2000

    Adam's New Tire Shine

    I just got my bottle yesterday, and tried it out last night. Not sure if it was supposed to, but mine didn't come with a sprayer. I simply applied it with a sponge applicator. Let it sit overnight, looked awesome this morning! I love this stuff!!
  6. Badbird2000

    CTS V Wagon New Car Prep

    Holy hell! That's a sweet grocery getter!! My buddy had a CTS-V, 2005 maybe. I offered to wash and detail it for free just so I could drive it! Love the supercharged wagon!
  7. Crap!! I live in Knoxville, and was there Sunday afternoon!! Had no clue.. i need to come to this site more often!!