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  1. That made my heart sink! Glad it came out looking great!
  2. Welcome to the family Jerry!
  3. Brilliant Glaze would be my suggestion as well, but maybe wait to see if the wrap heels itself. Think of a water mark on a wood table.
  4. Today I moved more snow! 🙄
  5. Did you watch the video I posted? Matt talks about how the water spots are in the nooks and crannies of the paint and to remove them he needed to heat/warm the paint up in order to get the paint to expand enough to be able to correct the spots.
  6. Have a look here, Matt explains what he’s doing to remove water spots from the paint.
  7. The paint on the car was hot given the 80 degree day. The paint because it was hot had expanded and when the car got hit with the water, the water was able to find its way “into” the paint. Correcting the car in a cool place only got the water spots on the surface of the paint. You need to heat the paint up in order to remove those spots that are deeper into the clear coat.
  8. When the sprinklers were on, was it morning or during the day? The water spots are in the clear, and you need to recreate the panel temperature to get those water spots out. You can use a heat gun to warm the panel before you begin to polish out the water spots. Matt at Obsessed Garage delt with problem. Search his YouTube channel.
  9. Thoughts and prayers to his family and girlfriend.
  10. I still have them, and I live in northern NJ.
  11. Take this with a gram of salt. My 07 Jeep GC has a plastic bumper topper that is pretty grey. I wanted to coat it, but not until I used trim restore on it. I put multiple thin coats on and it turned out great. To me coating it after the restore dried for a day or two seemed too soon. The restore looked too wet, so two weeks and two car washes later I coated the plastic. My point is, this may take multiple visits to get it back. I would let the customer know you will make it right, but it will take multiple visits.
  12. Does it make the leather too slick?
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