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    Welcome Paul! You have a fellow Mustang enthusiast here!
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    Welcome! I'm also new to the Forum, but not to Adam's products. This is a GREAT place for info.
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    New to Forum - Experienced Car Enthusiast

    Here are a couple of them. Both after having Adam's washes and Detailing!
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    New to Forum - Experienced Car Enthusiast

    Thanks for the Welcome. Really thankful for all the info available here!
  7. Hello to all. The weather is finally cooperating for me to spend time getting used to using my New Adam’s products. Got hooked on them in February- and have ordered or received (in Mystery Boxes and Buckets,) just about every product being sold on the web! Had a chance to try my new Swirl Killer and the HEavy Correcting, Correcting, and Finishing polishes this weekend. Very pleased. I still have a few lighter swirl marks....but so much improved from before I started. I’m looking forward to learning more as I watch the videos and read the forum. I’m already addicted, and I think it may be unhealthy. I check the forum every day, and visit the web store at least once a day so I dont’ Miss any new items or specials! I have three vehicles- so using up all my products won’t be a problem....even the polishes that seem to really go a long way! Cosmo (yes...it’s a nickname from Seinfeld!)