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  1. Yes we are few. Is your Raven? I just finished applying the glaze and Americana wax OMG I never seen such a shine. Like glass.
  2. Great job man, nice work looks awesome
  3. I know what mine is. Adams Glaze and Americana wax. After a machine polish. I cannot believe the results.
  4. Guy's what is the right product to use on Vinyl interiors. I have a Scion FRS and I'm pretty sure it's not leather on the door panels. Right now I'm just using mild soap and water ona damp MF cloth.
  5. Thanks to these great products and some effort my car looks awesome. Here is a couple of photos to show off shine.
  6. Cool deal, can't wait to see them. I going to a Cars and Coffee tomorrow can't wait to show off the shine. I ordered the glaze and Americana wax today.
  7. These products work great. Ordered the glaze and Americana wax today
  8. Thanks Gary, I did try to rush and made that mistake. What do you want I'm a Marine. We do everything fast.
  9. I will get some up on Friday. Thinking about buying the glaze and Americana wax what's your thoughts.
  10. Good advise but it was killing me that that hood look like crap when the rest of the car looked awesome.
  11. Thanks everyone. I end up stripping it and doing the hood again. Now I just some sun light to see if it worked. Doesn't look good in NC this whole week.
  12. Not sure yet. Could only see the swirls in the sun light. So I left it in the garage until I get home tomorrow then take a look.
  13. Guys, I made my 1st mistake don't know if its a big deal or not. Did all the step from Wash with APC ,Clay Bar, IPA wipe down, Then started the process on test area with Swirl and Haze remover then to FMP. Then complete wide down with MF towel. Then applied Super sealant waited approx 30 Min perfect day 65 degrees all work was performed in garage. Then buffed off by hand with a clean MF towel. Then I noticed some Machine swirl marks on the hood that I did not notice earlier so not thinking I sprayed some detail spray to see if it would help and boom. Then I remembered step 9. Do not apply anything to surface for 12 to 24 hours after sealant. So what are my options do I need to start from scratch on the hood?
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