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Clogged Foam Canon


I have a foam canon that is about 16 months old for some reason as soon as I started using the red mega foam my canon is clogged. I called tech support they suggested boiling water with vinegar and soaking it which I have done twice with no success. Any ideas?  And is there another brand that will outlive this one? I think I paid 125 for this thing and used it maybe 24 times (ouch)!

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Brand of Foam Cannon?


In the 16 months you've owned it have you used it before running the Mega Foam Car Shampoo through it?

Looks like you state you've used it about 24 times already from your question above.

After using it for those 24 times did you run clear water through it after every use?


How much Mega Foam did you put in the jar?


Did you mix the Mega Foam in the jar with cold, warm, or hot water?


Gas powered, or electric pressure washer?


Pressure Washer's rating of PSI and GPM?

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