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  1. The 2021 Ford Nationals @ Carlisle is just about a month out Gang, and Adam's will be there! https://www.carlisleevents.com/events/events-detail/index?id=ford+nationals We'll be located on the Midway, just look for our 25' inflatable Detail Spray Bottle perched on top of our trailer. Along with an awesome assortment of Adam's goodies and expert advice from Detailing Experts, we're going to be offering onsite detailing. If you're interested in services, pricing and, scheduling give Dan a call (no texts please) at 385 315-7198. We offered detailin
  2. The Team will be arriving today (Monday April 19th) around noon to begin set up. We should be open for business and detailing around noon on Wednesday. There are still detailing slots available if your interested. Stop on by if in the area!
  3. We'll be on the Midway Row IE Spaces 125-130. Same spot we're usually in.
  4. If the Hand Polish isn't aggressive enough, the Swirl Killer Micro may be what you'll need. The exterior products will work, paint's paint inside or out. It may not be cleared and it may be thinner, but it's still paint. As with exterior paint start with the least aggressive and work more aggressively if needed. Brilliant Glaze can also help to hide fine swirls and holograms.
  5. With proper washing techniques and care the Ceramic Coatings will last for years.
  6. Can you get part of the truck inside the garage? If so, Ceramic coat half one day, then the next day turn it around and do the other half. At Carlisle Events My Adam's Team will Ceramic Spray Coat or use the traditional 50 or 60ml bottles to Ceramic Coat vehicles on the Fairgrounds. We apply under our canopy to keep out of direct sunlight, then move the vehicle out into the sun to try to more quickly allow it to cure. We've not noticed, or heard of, any issues to date.
  7. I apply the Ceramic Spray Coating every year (overtop a Ceramic Coated vehicle), sometimes at a six month interval depending on time. Wash and Clay the vehicle. You'll have to determine which clay to use depending on the severity of contaminants embedded in the paint after washing; Fine, Medium Visco, or the Clay Mitt. If you've not washed at all throughout the winter it may need the more aggressive Visco Clay. Once clayed, evaluate the paint for marring and scratches. I usually get away with just some spot polishing, not the entire vehicle again. There's only so much paint on the vehicle, and
  8. I regularly use the Interior Protection Paste on Leather seats. Steering wheels and door panels I'll use Leather Conditioner or Leather & Interior Dressing, for the dash I use Interior Detailer. What's in the perforations is going to go away rather quickly.
  9. Compressed air and a Detailing Brush if it's still dry. get to it quickly!
  10. Most likely you won't be able to remove it. The bird poo is acidic, and it's etched into the wrap. You could try a multitude of things; Brilliant Glaze, Fine or Medium Grade Clay, very lightly polish it by hand with Hand Polish, or even try using a DA with the White Foam Pad and Polish on a slow speed with light pressure. Keep a bottle of Waterless Wash with you and a Waterless Wash Towel, remove and Bird droppings or splattered bugs immediately. Wraps aren't usually as forgiving as paint, and the bird bombs and bug guts will do the same thing to paint if left very long.
  11. Don't know yet, they don't release that info until the week before the event. But my guess is the same spot we've been at the past several years. Just look for the 25' inflatable Detail Spray bottle on top of our trailer on the midway, can't miss it.
  12. The Spring Carlisle Collector Car Flea Market and Corral is on for 2021, and scheduled for Wednesday April 21 through Sunday April 25. https://www.carlisleevents.com/events/events-detail/index?id=spring+carlisle The Adam's Team will be on the Midway and be doing something a bit different this year. Along with product sales, professional advise and demonstrations, we're going to be doing on site detailing! If you'd like to book an appointment ahead of time, please give Dan a call (no texts, phone won't accept texts), at 385 315-7198. He can also review pricing and s
  13. Amazing how much better a "new" car looks after a decontamination and polish! Customers usually state something along the lines of, "it looks better than when I drove it home".
  14. There should be a large cap on the jug. The center of that large cap is female threaded. Sit the jug upright so the large cap is at the highest point and cut a hole in the caps center, not damaging those threads. Insert the spout into this large cap by threading its male threads into the center female threads. Remove the small cap and put a hole in the center of the port that protrudes from where you just removed the little cap. Put the little cap back on, but not completely tight, that's the air vent to let product out. Lay the jug down on its side so the product can come out the spout insert
  15. I apply the Spray Coating twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. It's hard to tell when it's gone if you're maintaining the cars paint properly.
  16. Here's my procedure, a bit more involved, but no streaks, spots, or dots. I lightly mist an Edgeless Utility towel with plain water. I'll Spray the Graphene Detail Spray onto the slightly dampened towel, folded into quarters. I'll wipe about a 3' square portion of the vehicle at a time with this Edgeless Utility towel, then immediately buff the 3' section to a high gloss perfection with an Borderless Gray Microfiber towel. I tend to use too much product, and this method works for me with not only the Graphene Detail Spray, but with Ceramic Boost, CS3, and Ceramic Waterless Wash.
  17. No, that's your Car Shampoo, it's all you'll need.
  18. Newer vehicle? You've most likely got a stainless steel exhaust; it's not going to rust. The engine sits higher than the exhaust tips; you're not going to get water into the engine, the water will run out. Start the vehicle up to blow any remaining water from the exhaust. If you wash the tips weekly, every time you wash, you may get away with just the Woolie and APC. If they have a build up of soot use 0000 Steel Wool with a lubricant. Anything from WD-40, to Metal Polish, to APC, to Glass Cleaner.
  19. A Streamer would be your best bet. However, if you don't have a steamer; I love the Multi Use Foaming Cleaner on tough stains. Paired with a Tamping Brush works best-Google it or You Tube search.
  20. Yes, Strip Wash, Iron Remover, and even the Fine Grade Clay should safely get you to the bare Graphene Coating.
  21. It takes mechanical action to remove a Ceramic Coating. You're going to have to machine polish it off. I was able to remove the regular SiO2 Ceramic Coating with a Microfiber Pad and Compound and a bit of work. The Spray Coating should come off much easier, especially after being on the vehicle for six months. If a little remains you should be fine since they're two similar chemicals and will bond to each other as long as the original layer isn't too substantial. Be sure to thoroughly wipe the vehicle down with Surface Prep before application.
  22. My personal vehicles are all Ceramic Coated, with either the Ceramic Coating, or Graphene Ceramic Coating. Once a year, I apply the Ceramic Spray Coating, or Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating on top of the Coating that's already on the paint surface. To prep the paint I do a Strip Wash, followed up with a Fine Grade Clay session. I look over the vehicles paint and correct any defects; scratches, scuffs, marring, etc with a polishing in those areas only. Wipe down with Surface Prep and apply the Spray Coating.
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