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  1. Thanks Chris. I was wondering if there was a particular technique that should be used for paint that’s almost perfect? Lighter pressure? Quicker? Again I am new to this
  2. Hey guys, I have a brand new (355km) mustang in shadow black that’s been washed twice, and now sits under its cover with a healthy coat of detail spray on her. I habe the Graphene Ceramic Coating kit, and plan to install this spring when the weather is warmer. I have the least aggressive clay bar Adam’s makes, and plan to do a full clay of the car, once complete I will give the car a polish. Even as a new vehicle, being black I do see a few marks here and there, and would like to have a perfect surface to apply the Graphene to. Side note, be
  3. Thanks so much, again I bought a 2020 Mustang GT PP2. I’ve since learned that mine is one of the last ever to be produced (as the PP2 is discontinued along side the gt350 and Bullitt). Okay, so I should get some of your “white polish”, give the car a full once over with the DA polisher, then the surface prep, and finally the ceramic coating. The cover on my car is one of those super soft fabric ones. Super tight fitting. You’re definitely living up to the customer service and support everyone raves about!!! Thank you!
  4. Thanks so much, Dan. Sounds like the best course of action is to prep the car over the winter, and apply the coating in the spring. The car is parked for winter anyhow. The vehicle is brand new (well 345km). So I plan to clay the car with the detail spray and light duty Adam’s clay. Then polish the car with my da polisher (I have a bottle of CG Black light polish, is it okay to use that? I also have a bottle of Adam’s Paint sealant I received in a mystery box - would either work?). Put the cover on the car, then in the spring use the decaminate spray that comes in the kit
  5. Hi guys, Im up north and it’s quite cold out currently. -12 degrees Celsius this morning. I have a Graphene Ceramic Kit on it’s way. My car is in the garage, and do have a large propane space heater to warm the garage - which I plan to use when applying the coating. Should be fairly toasty in there. but I’m not able to heat the garage past the application tbh. Once the product is applied, is it okay to turn off the heaters and let the temp in the garage sink back to around zero (Celsius). Or will this cause issues with the curing process? side
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