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  1. I applied Adam's spray coating last spring and completely main maintenance washes over summer/fall 2020. Over the winter I basically don't touch the paint (assuming it is still protected) and still have decent water beading even with a dirty surface. My question is, can I apply another round of spray coating over and existing coating that may be on (being weak coating at this point) after a thorough wash for this spring? The car has only accumulated about 2500 miles since last spring. Should I do any additional steps to re-apply the spray coating? The results over the last 12 months have been great! Thanks for the help!
  2. UPDATE: I called a professional and he took care of it in less than 10 mins and its literally perfect. I would seek out a local profession PDR guy and just have them do it. It's well worth it.
  3. Recommendations for best PDR kit for super subtle dents? Barely noticeable and super small. Any help? Thanks
  4. How would you guys recommend cleaning some spots on a light colored cloth headline? I have a bottle of the carpet and upholstery cleaner but no brush? How should I go about that? Maybe just dab with a short nap towel? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, basically asking about how many polishing pads do you use for an entire correction for a small SUV or sedan? I don't have compressed air so I plan on buying a few orange foam and white foam pads. Also, How do you know when its time to put on a fresh pad during a correction? What should I be looking for? Generally, I hear "less is more" regarding the amount of polish applied to each pad. Thanks
  6. Glad I stumbled upon this thread. I have a series of 3 small chips in my front fender since the first month i've had my car, and its the only thing that sticks out. I am definitely going to try this out this spring. Looks like a really clean fix to those pesky chips from road rash.
  7. Im curious how they manage to reconnect and reapply things like cameras for rain sensors and registration/inspection.
  8. Exactly. I would feel like a jerk if I replaced the windshield for something like that though haha
  9. On daily drivers, it's basically inevitable to get small, rock chips (too small to really do anything about). Depending on where they are, they can be really annoying and fixate on them while driving. How do you guys deal with them? Is this just me, or do you guys view them the same way?
  10. I used a combination of the hair dryer and a razor blade. Worked Great!
  11. Razor Blade? What about any sticky adhesive that is left? How do you guys get rid of the old one?
  12. I was also wondering if the mitts are washer and dryer safe? It took mine awhile to air dry.
  13. So what pad and polish did you end up using?
  14. Guys ever use this for cosmetic repairs? I have it with a deal through where I got my car and they fix paint chips, scratches, windshields, etc.. Anyone here ever use it? just curious
  15. Thanks guys. Reassured about the whole thing, ill definitely be getting one soon
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